Condemn Darkesia

The Security Council;
Acknowledging that
Darkesia has taken part in the world of NationStates for fourteen years, and during that time has done many things that would be considered commendable.
Emphasizing that Darkesia has an extensive history involving far less benevolent acts that have gone largely unremarked upon, something that should be corrected and noted by this Assembly. A history of manipulating sovereign regions for the benefit of an egregiously notorious region must not be overlooked by the international community.
Beginning with the fact that Darkesia served as a Senator in the New Pacific Order during the tenures of BlackAdder goes Forth and Pierconium, repelling attempts at entering the region to work on liberating The Pacific from the New Pacific Order by the Alliance Defense Network and their other allies in their later days. Darkesia’s efforts further enabled the continuance of the New Pacific Order, an entity that now stands as twice Condemned by this Assembly.
Disturbed that some of Darkesia’s greatest works in Gatesville involved the initiation and execution of intelligence operations against other regions. Darkesia was inducted to the school of infiltration initially so that they might aid the defenders in their battles against the invaders of old. Instead, Darkesia turned these skills against their teachers and proceeded to use them for raiders and coupers in their future career, influencing other regions for ill by means of these abilities. A considerable amount of that influence was achieved under the banner of Gatesville.
Appalled that Darkesia has spent time engaged in subversive activities in the Feeders, supporting numerous operations by nations seeking to claim the Delegacy against the will of its populace. Such activities include:
• Participation in and support of multiple coups of The North Pacific. One such coup was Pierconium’s North Pacific Directorate. Darkesia’s role as support and aid in this regime was at the behest of Gatesville.
• Spying on The West Pacific in early 2008 to support the reign of Lots of Ants, another Gatesville national operative situated in the Delegacy. The leader of Darkesia was then granted complete control of the nation by its former masters before the end, leaving them in charge of the coup of The West Pacific.
• Militarily supporting Empire’s coup of The East Pacific in late 2008. Darkesia, with Gatesville, aided Empire in their quest to hold the region against the will of its natives. Gatesville’s support kept the natives from restoring the sovereignty of The East Pacific for many months.
Surprised by the fact that Darkesia, under the name SheWolf, served as a spy for the first Invaders region. SheWolf was also a member of the original incarnation of The Black Hawks and participated in numerous raids and occupations with their fellow raiders.
Adding that, under the name The Edge of Night, Darkesia served as a minder for the original Illuminati, taking a leading role in a project intended to mold nations in a certain shape befitting the interests of the region. This intention was not in the best interests of the international community of NationStates.
Reiterating that Darkesia has a history of engaging in espionage, supported numerous coups and raids, has committed grave violations of regional sovereignty in regards to the international community, and thus is well deserving of a Condemnation.
Hereby Condemns

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Condemn Darkesia was passed 13,757 votes to 2,020.