Condemn Gregoryisgodistan

Acknowledging that The Glorious and Holy Nation of Gregoryisgodistan has been governed by Lord Almighty Gregory with a repressive hand, violating even the most basic human rights approved by the World Assembly;

Noting that Gregoryisgodistan has brutal laws that violates basic freedoms, forcing people to worship their leader via brainwashing people, even by the mean of massively drugging people via prune juice and gruel, the only legal food in Gregoryisgodistan;

Shocked on the systematical violations made by Gregoryisgodistan in matters regarding basic human rights and international law, since this nation is responsible of multiple attacks and wars against pacific nations by the only fact of not accepting Lord Almighty Gregory as their lord, or other ideological issues that aren’t compatible with the totalitarian and brutal Gregoryisgodistani regime;

Further shocked by the Gregoryisgodistani Government past actions of genocide and threats against nations like Hicana, The Kingdom of Saintland, The Kingdom of San Jose Guayabal, The Letterman Commie Paradise of Menta Lee-IL, and others included in the “Enemy List”;

Horrified on all the actions that the Gregoryisgodistani government has done in order to impose their beliefs all across the multiverse with state-sponsored terrorism, brainwashing to other nations, attacking other nations under a clear breach of the World Assembly proposals about the usage of Weapons of Massive Destruction, executing people live in international TV and even killing their own population for propagandistic effects;

Disgusted That the International Community has not done enough efforts in order to condemn the behavior of the Gregoryisgodistani Government towards other nations and people from its own country;

Observing the efforts led by The Second Republic of Damukuni and The United Federation of Eura in order to establish a regional alliance, the South Esportivan Treaty Organization (SETO), composed by six nations that defends other nations at any attempt made by the Gregoryisgodistani Government to attack peaceful nations, disturbing the regional order and peace, and also leading a crusade which main aim is to empower the Gregoryisgodistani population with knowledge of their basic human rights;

Urging All the World Assembly members to recognize the need of condemning such a brutal and repressive regime like the Gregoryisgodistani Government, recognize the Gregoryisgodistani Government in exile as the legitimate government;

Wishing the end of the repressive and totalitarian Gregoryisgodistani Government of Lord Almighty Gregory and the creation of a legitimate and democratically-elected government that guarantees the human rights of the Gregoryisgodistani people;

Hereby Condemns The Glorious and Holy Nation of Gregoryisgodistan

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“Condemn Gregoryisgodistan” was defeated 8,503 votes to 5,428.