Condemn Lazzarania

APPALLED that Lazzarania has chosen to destroy an active and influential community of well over 100 resident nations such as The Royal Alliance,

RECOGNIZING that some of those resident nations have existed there in The Royal Alliance for nearly a year,

FURTHER DISMAYED by the fact that Lazzarania has chosen to destroy The Royal Alliance’s regional message board in an attempt to hide its history,

NOTING that Lazzarania has endeavoured to wipe any incriminating evidence from The Royal Alliance’s message board by deletion,

UNDERSTANDING that Lazzarania is in fact the founder of The Royal Alliance and retains the ability and the right to remove residents and suppress entries in the regional message board,

FURTHER UNDERSTANDING that Lazzarania wished to move its attentions to another region,

PROCLAIMING that even with the above concessions, regional destruction of this level is atrocious and verges on the brink of genocide,

APPALLED that the region was given no option to manage the region under new leadership and too little time to organize a mass exodus,

REMINDED that the nation of Lazzarania has had a history of creating a sphere of propaganda and discrimination which demonstrate the cavalier attitude with which Lazzarania will abuse its powers to suit the nations own agenda,

DISCOURAGED at the nation of Lazzarania’s elitist attitude, putting the rights of all other nations below its own,

FURTHER REMINDED that all countries have a right to their own beliefs, customs, and ideals, and a right to voice them, a right that the nation of Lazzarania scoffed at,

PROPOSING that it is the responsibility of the World Assembly to discourage regional and world powers from abusing their abilities,

BELEIVING that a condemnation from the World Assembly will chasten the nation of Lazzarania into recanting its immoral and domineering ways,

The World Assembly hereby condemns the nation of Lazzarania.

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“Condemn Lazzarania” was defeated 7,029 votes to 2,128.