Condemn Lily

The Security Council,
Presenting Lily, a powerhouse military organization where some of the world’s most villainous nations plot their devious plans to conquer the world with a harrowing focus on tag raiding, a practice that scars many otherwise peaceful and untouched regions with the military battles of outside forces,
Asserting that Lily’s tendencies for evil led the organization to reinvent the modern military doctrine. As opposed to most military organizations who typically focus on slow and meticulous invasions, Lily places speed and quantity above all other metrics, defacing unfathomable numbers of regions within a single day or night (at a pace so quick that only the most elite warriors can hope to keep up) with the combined ability of its members in a regional effort to deconstruct the innocent regions it sets its eyes on,
Owing Lily’s frightening ability to far outshine the target region count and speed of other raider organizations to its development of technology, which assists in their malevolence and maximizes the net loss of regional sovereignty on a global scale; some such technologies include:

  • A weapon known simply as “Koru”, which allows Lily raiders to regroup, redeploy, and repeat quicker than any other army it faces;

  • The Artificial Intelligence “Buzzy Bee”, which navigates their armies through the multiverse at unmatched speed, providing direction steadier than that of any mortal mind;

  • The program “Vogel”, which allows for easy organization of hundreds or even thousands of nations and assists in the rapid vandalism of victim regions;

Noting that the clear technological superiority of Lily created a technology arms race in military warfare, to where the numbers and military records in the past 5 years greatly exceed those prior to the formation of Lily in 2017,
Terrified by the records broken by this new approach to raiding, with Lily causing an unprecedented number of casualties throughout its ferocious campaign against order. This record-breaking destruction is especially apparent in the campaign Operation Supernova, which resulted in 15 assailants engulfing 407 regions over the course of a single night and bested the previous record by 119 - setting a new standard for raiders to strive for and surpass,
Fortifying this fear with the even more devastating campaign of Operation Stargazer, which saw a coterie of Lily’s raiders invade a record-breaking 270 regions with just a single squadron, altogether resulting in the combined upheaval of 576 regions in a single encounter - a currently unmatched endeavor,
Lamenting Operation Obama, in which Lily brought the destruction of 3,500+ embassies to The Embassy, one of the most eminent embassy collector regions. This was possible due to the deception of
Frenchy II, Supreme Commander and Girlboss of Lily, who had created a fake embassy collector region called “Traveling Wilburys”, to gain the trust and password of The Embassy, resulting in the invasion.
Imparting the ending of
Mikeswill’s over-15-year delegacy streak, the longest in history, in NationStates as further evidence of Lily’s propensity for breaking records and dismantling the status quo,
Positing that Lily’s destructive, high-octane approach to raiding is a core staple of Lily’s identity and has carried onto Lily members outside the organization itself, most apparent with:

Sweeze, whose expertise in advanced technologies forged “Swarm”, a weapon mass-produced and distributed freely across the multiverse, allowing those with malicious intent to subjugate and forcibly relocate vast amounts of soldiers for use in conflicts quickly and efficiently; and

Feu de Glace, who went on to be one of the creators and main performers of the devious technique “Update Bending”, in which they blitzed in with hundreds of colonies’ worth of soldiers at once in order to disrupt the predictive abilities of their enemies, a practice largely benefitted by their great speed and ability which was mastered in their time in Lily;

Mourning the 10,000+ regions that have fallen victim to Lily’s transgressions, their faces painted in garish rainbow to provide Lily and its crimes with serious exposure,
Hereby condemns Lily.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Condemn Lily was passed 9,057 votes to 6,983.