Condemn Mikeswill

The World Assembly Security Council,
Aware of the sixteen-year long, iron-grip control, that the leader of
Mikeswill holds over the region NationStates, an oddly-named region which paradoxically shares a name with the multiversal plane that all known nations exist on,
Acknowledging that, during this sixteen-year reign, the leader of
Mikeswill has led multiple countries - one of which, Mikes hope, was leveled to the ground due to godly wrath, likely as a result of the leader’s maleficence,
Deploring the illusion that is used by the leader of
Mikeswill in order to make NationStates appear to be more democratic than it actually is, through the use of satellite states under their control - a decision that is used to avoid criticism, exemplifying their tyrannical rule over the region,
Disgusted by the public, daily display of oftentimes sensitive information of nations within NationStates, ultimately showing that the despotic ruler of
Mikeswill cannot be trusted, even by those who are said to be under their protection,
Denouncing the artificial inflation of regional population during the apocalypses of the undead, ultimately and intentionally leading to more suffering in the world during these times, solely for the international praise that may come from “curing” the damned,
Mikeswill’s utter, relentless disdain towards this prestigious body, voting against nearly all proposals put forth before it - a belief that is so vile, annoyingly repetitive, and prominent that it ultimately caused the regional descriptor of “Anti-Security Council” to be made available by the international community,
Further decrying the fact that
Mikeswill’s hatred towards this most august assembly spreads beyond their own borders, seeing as the leader of
Mikeswill has chosen to banish all nations who vote for any proposal to liberate a region, one of the most important and discernible functions of this chamber,
Noting that
Mikeswill is the figurehead of the nation of
The Highlander 1, notorious for their friendship and support of infamous raider regions, which has effectively resulted in a shield protecting NationStates from invasion, all while other innocent regions continue to be subjected to destruction at the delight of
Mikeswill, completely contrary to the “Friends With All; Aligned With None” mantra of NationStates,
Impressed by
Mikeswill’s artwork galleries, which exceed nearly all other nations in magnitude, yet saddened to realize the tactics employed in order to acquire these collections, which include:

  • Abusing power and position to coax innocent nations into selling art well below their presumed value,

  • Contributing to massive value crashes of well-known artwork through participation in the process of counterfeiting for personal gain,

  • Using preexisting artwork collections to produce more favorable deals on the market,

  • Monopolizing hard to find artworks appraised as ‘legendary’ by critics, artificially increasing scarcity and price,

  • Attempting to hide artwork via their satellite nation of

The Highlander 1,

Concluding that, amid the nations who have made a career out of wreaking international havoc and ruthlessly ruling under the guise of peace and love,
Mikeswill prevails as among the most prolific and tenured,
Hereby condemns

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Condemn Mikeswill” was defeated 10,408 votes to 4,745.