Condemn Milograd

Condemn Milograd
A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Milograd

Proposed by: Connopolis

Description: The Security Council,

APPREHENSIVELY disclosing the horrendously macabre and highly classified dossier of Milograd, which includes religious and racial intolerance, unacceptable police policies, obstruction of democratization and many other grevious and unjustifiable acts against its peers in the international theatre,

HORRIFIED by the prohibition of Catholicism within Milograd and the mass eradication of Catholic citizens on multiple occasions,

FURTHER HORRIFIED by Milograd’s xenophobic policies which deliberately classify non-whites as non-human and therefore allowing these people to be hunted as if they were animals,

ABHORRING Milograd’s use of VX nerve gas against protesters in the Milogradian cities of Argyz, Kremho, and various other locations, which resulted in the death of over 40,000 Milogradian citizens,

NAUSEATED by the unjust abuse of authority and poor conduct of Milograd’s Resource Initiative Urban Police (RIUP), the members of which frequently rape and assault innocent civilians in order to maintain order; the RIUP often kidnaps and murders overwhelming numbers of “threats to the state,”

DISGUSTED by the delusional leader of Milograd, Dh’arco Rahavuhra Jukill, primarily for his decisions that resulted in the demise of many of the world’s idyllic democracies and has intentionally stymied the progress of many democracy-advocating organizations such as the Polaris Initiative,

REGRETFULLY ACKNOWLEDGING the Milogradian invasion of the Judean lands and the forced migration of millions of native Trescotters, leading thousands to their deaths, and others to their forced displacement,

SHOCKED by the infamous genocide of Argatov, which resulted in the loss of over 80,000 innocent lives,

APPALLED by Milograd’s intolerance of all ideologies not authorized by the Milogradian government in the Milogradian “Belief Authorization Act,”

ADAMANT that any nation that has committed such atrocities both domestically and internationally deserves proper punishment,

HEREBY CONDEMNS Milograd. SC forum thread over this.

Condemn Milograd was passed 5,996 votes to 2,091.