Condemn Mukkanism

Condemn Mukkanism

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Mukkanism

Proposed by: Thee Cheshire Cat

Description: The Security Council,

COMMITTING: Itself to diplomatic efforts to end injustice, Internationally – a commitment which current General Assembly (GA) legislation demands from every member nations.

CONDEMING: The Armed Republic of Mukkanism for publicly stating that Government sanctioned agents have brutally and deliberately committed human rights violations against those suspected of being sympathetic to a communist ideal. This has included torture, degrading and inhuman acts of violence.

NOTING: That The Armed Republic of Mukkanism, is hereby in violation of General Assembly Resolution #9, #27, #30, #35; Article 1. C, #37, #38. All of which are Resolution which have been passed to work for mankind’s protection from accusations, unlawful prosecution, and simple moral human rights.

AWARE: That The Armed Republic of Mukkanism, is currently only committing such atrocious acts against people of Communist Parties.

DENOUNCING: The Armed Republic of Mukkanism, genocidal acts towards The Accused peoples of their nations, and ‘Prosecuted Communist’ in their country

DEEPLY CONCERNED: That if no punishment is delivered, then The Armed Republic of Mukkanism, will not only continue such monstrous acts, The Armed Republic of Mukkanism may take their political executions farther to other groups

HEREBY CONDEMNS: The Armed Republic of Mukkanism

NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Condemn Mukkanism is the SC link for this.

The we see both support and critics, support as there are violations to human rights in said nation, and critics because it´d be ok as they´re communists… That said nation was created after the WA resos it violates, and that OOCly would be a dangerous precedent to condemn newbies for the way they roleplay.

I´m for given the IC aspect of the issue. We see human rights violations, GA should condemn it. The fact that OOCly is a newbie would matter if people wanted him to get punished by the mods for a “noob” mistake. But getting a badge, removable by repeal, i see no harm.

I vote nay again, because once more this has nothing to do with the business interests of Yugoslavikia.
In fact, every condemnation seems pointless to me at this point.

“Condemn Mukkanism” was defeated 2,975 votes to 1,513.