Condemn ravana

Recognizing that ravana incited war with Lasagna,
Understanding that there was much miscommunication and misunderstanding which took a role in the start of the conflict,
Disturbed that ravana’s WA delegate,
Nopengie, reacted with undue hostility and aggression towards the proposed merger, when aggression was unwarranted and a simple no thank you would have been accepted instead of threats,
Sickened by the sheer volume of misinformation and propaganda used against Lasagna to further ravana’s military goal,
Saddened that while Lasagna tried to work for peace, ravana twisted messages by Lasagnaian citizen nations like,
Can No Rey thinks Lasagna may need a military action, to sound as if Lasagna started the war, and declared war on Lasagna when peace was close at hand,
Disgusted that ravana raided and occupied a region, that was liberated by the LAF (Lasagna Armed Forces) only days before and was almost stabilized, then made the battle sound like a great victory, even though ravana attacked at midnight and no nations were able to mobilize and to counter the attack, then destabilized the region more by banning the few natives left and claiming the region as ravana’s,
Shocked by the amount of violence expressed at Lasagna when it was not needed,
Horrified by the raids conducted by ravana under the pretense of “war” that really involved raiding defenseless regions, such as the Council of Regions and disrupting nations trying to unite regions and make the world a better and more organized place,
Noting that nations like
Victoria Pond tried to disrupt peace talks and destabilize communications further when peace was close at hand,
Shocked that nations like
Victoria Pond suppressed Lasagna’s diplomats in an effort to make the diplomats stop peace talks and continue the war,
Admitting that Lasagna played a part in furthering the war but realizing Lasagna’s part pales in comparison to ravana’s,
Further noting that Lasagna was in the middle of working to stabilize several regions but that ravana’s deceleration of war has caused many regions that needed Lasagna’s help have received none because of Lasagna having to defend itself,
Angered by the amount of taunts and mockery used by ravana to hurt Lasagna and incite Lasagna to strike first, which would make Lasagna the perpetrator and ravana the victim instead of the current situation,
Hereby Condemns ravana.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Condemn Ravana

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Condemn ravana” was defeated 15,455 votes to 1,644.