Condemn The Black Riders

The Security Council:

Aware that this esteemed body has already condemned The Black Riders, but noting that the previous condemnation does not comprehensively address the international crimes committed by that region and that the forces of The Black Riders have committed many more intolerable acts since last condemned;

Appalled that The Black Riders are, at the time of this resolution’s writing, the second largest invader region in the world, having recruited hundreds of nations to engage in wanton acts of destruction against other regions;

Dismayed that the forces of The Black Riders have recently begun targeting for invasion regions which the international community broadly believes should be excluded from such heinous acts, including regions with founding nations still active in their governments and regions in which World Assembly Delegates do not have executive authority;

Shocked by the following atrocities that have been committed by The Black Riders throughout the region’s history:

Popularization of the practice of tag raiding, in which military forces of The Black Riders have engaged in thousands of brief invasions for the purpose of vandalizing other regions' territory and disrupting communication between native nations;

Development of new and insidious technologies to enable tag raiding to be accomplished more swiftly and efficiently than ever before, leaving a greater number of regions vulnerable to invasion and damage;

Exportation of tag raiding to other invaders throughout the world, making tag raids the most dominant and frequent form of invasion perpetrated against innocent regions and their native nations;

Massive operations in which record numbers of regions have been invaded, including: an operation in which a single division of The Black Riders invaded 53 regions in one night; and an operation called Operation Mayhem, in which three divisions of The Black Riders invaded 98 regions in one afternoon, resulting in the invasion of a total of 141 regions over the course of that day;

Construction of embassies, through the use of force, between The Black Riders and more than a thousand regions at the time of this writing;

Invasion and long-term occupation of multiple regions, often with the intent to carry out the total destruction of those regions, including but not limited to: Islam, Vlaanderen, Deutschland, Ether, Yorkshire, and New Zealand;

Destruction of the regions Charon, Whitereach, and Islamic Revolution of Iran, leaving them uninhabitable by their native nations;

Collaboration by senior officials of The Black Riders with two separate attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of the region Osiris: first by the nation Knights of the round fable, governed by a puppet stated controlled by The Phantom Knights, during the Delegacy of Zaolat; then by the nation Bachman-turner overdrive, governed by a puppet state controlled by Durkadurkiranistan II, during the Delegacy of Dalimbar;

Alarmed by the continued growth of The Black Riders and the appeal of the region’s destructive behavior to newly established nations;

Insistent that the military forces of The Black Riders pose a significant threat to the interregional peace and goodwill that the Security Council is charged with upholding; and

Determined, in a comprehensive manner, to place the international community’s permanent stamp of disapproval upon the disruptive and destructive actions carried out by The Black Riders:

Hereby Condemns The Black Riders.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Condemn The Black Riders was passed 8,203 votes to 1,551.