Condemn the Greater German Reich

Condemn the Greater German Reich
A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: the Greater German Reich

Proposed by: Bazlantis

Description: The World Assembly,

DEDICATED to the furtherment of international peace, goodwill and harmony between regions,

ACKNOWLEDGING the region of The Greater German Reich as a region that was created for the sole purpose of disrupting the harmony of ordinarily peaceful and active regions, leftist or otherwise.

RECOGNISING The Greater German Reich as a threat to the safety and stability of the world

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING the havoc, mayhem and destruction the above mentioned region has caused though its considerable raiding forces (under the leadership of its Founder The Greater German Reich of Leather-clad Germany) to other passive and democratic regions such as the most recent examples of Leningrad, Socialist Alliance, The Jewish Zionist Empire and to a lesser extent the New Union of Socialist Nations and the Democratic Socialist Alliance.

REMINDING nations that at least one liberation resolution (SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION # 41 “Liberate Republicans”) has had to be imposed by the Security Council in response to the hostile acts of The Greater German Reich

ALARMED at the inability for many of the smaller regions, on which the forces of The Greater German Reich prey, to successfully repel its raiding parties.

DISTURBED at the complete disregard for peace, democracy, regional/state sovereignty and freedom exercised by The Greater German Reich at all levels.

DISMAYED at the fact that The Greater German Reich has not been held accountable to its crimes in this forum sooner and the fact that the overwhelming feelings of injustice for the natives of the targeted regions is further reinforced by the lack world support and lack of punishment for The Greater German Reich

BELIEVING that steps must be taken in order to bring attention to the horrendous acts carried out by The Greater German Reich

CONCLUDING the actions of The Greater German Reich to be especially abominable and to be in utter opposition of the World Assembly Security Council’s goal of spreading interregional peace and goodwill

HEREBY CONDEMNS The Greater German Reich

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Condemn the Greater German Reich was passed 7,801 votes to 2,199.