Condemn The Kraven Corporation

Condemn The Kraven Corporation
A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: The Kraven Corporation

Proposed by: -Carta-

Description: The Security Council,

Asserting that, through the following actions, The Kraven Corporation has acted against the World Assembly’s principles of promoting international peace, goodwill, and harmony between nations, and therefore warrants condemnation,

Acknowledging that the Kraven Corporation has an infamous history of wanton destruction of all life, be it through military conquest or through pollution from aggressive industrial practices,

Noting that the High Command of The Kraven Corporation has violated the human rights and civil liberties of billions of innocent people who, whether they opposed The Kraven Corporation or not, were exterminated by the corporation during its unholy approach to the proliferation of resources to fuel its perpeptual war machine,

Recognizing that The Kraven Corporation neglects the human rights, dignity, and security of its people by raiding the homes of its own citizens with forces of The Kraven Military Arm in the search of “Thought Criminals,”

Further recognizing that all who are removed from their homes during raids are sent to death in purpose-built extermination facilites without fair trial,

Shocked by the Kraven Corporation’s many acts of genocide and other horrific acts including but not limited to:

The continued and widespread usage of slave labour camps, concentration camps, labour camps, internment camps and extermination camps,
The abuse of the human rights of women by forcing them to breed for the sole purpose of producing Capitol Police Infantry,
The abuse of sovereign nations by invading them, subjugating them, and stealing resources from them,
The extermination campaign against Jagada; where approximately four billion people were wiped out by Kraven Capitol Police Battalions,
The extermination campaign against Dreathis where one and a half billion people were wiped out by Capitol Police Battalions,
The destruction of the Groznyian Coastal City by The Subjugator Class Super-Dreadnaught “The Dark Throne II”; where approximatly seven hundred thousand people were killed during the bombardment,
The prolonged carpet bombing of Groznyian Capital City by The Kraven Air Arm,
The vicious bombardment of the island of Svarnok by the Kraven Naval Arm,

Concluding that, by directly opposing the World Assembly’s principles of promoting international peace, goodwill, and harmony between nations, by committing itself to a doctrine of absolute warfare, by subjugating those who do not comply to its various requests or demands, and by exterminating those who resist, The Kraven Corporation has shown itself deserving of the scorn of the World Assembly and of a WASC condemnation,

Hereby Condemns The Kraven Corporation.

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Condemn The Kraven Corporation was passed 7,991 votes to 2,831.