Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors

The Security Council,
Reaffirming its dedication to the dissemination of inter-regional peace and goodwill, and its right to condemn those who act consistently and unapologetically against this mission,
Rejecting the spurious notion that a region has some kind of perverse right to cause unjustified damage to others through acts of random aggression, and the dangerous ideal that selfish regional interests should take precedence over protecting inter-regional peace and doing what is right,
Asserting that the Land of Kings and Emperors (“the LKE”) has historically acted as a belligerent state on the world stage, yet has so far escaped consequences through corrupting inter-regional politics, propagation of blatant lies, and boring everyone to death with catastrophically uninteresting text,
Enumerating the numerous acts of senseless harm the LKE has callously propagated without remorse, which includes:

  1. Random invasion and acts of destruction against too many regions to comprehensively list, but which include Belgium, The True Rebirth, Middle Earth, Fidelia, Soviet Union, Argartha, Zhe Intranational Communist, Hogwarts, Scotland, The Soviet Bloc, Slavya, Ixnay, Canada, the Coalition of Catholic States, Eastern Europe, Region Inc, Equestria, Atheist Empire, Meridon, South Pacific, The Union, Liberty Alliance, Forest, Belgium again, Philippines, Asia, Latinoamerica, The International Kingdom, The Union of Red Nations, Westphalia, United Islands, and Iran.

  2. Invasion, occupation, and eventual refounding of Slavia, which during this process was subjected to aggressive intimidation by LKE officials, in a common trend where the LKE has repeatedly used the threat of invasion to compel regions to act against their own interests.

  3. Close collaboration with a number of disreputable regions whose only purpose for being is to invade and tear down others, and who have been widely ostracised for totally unacceptable conduct and severe violations of inter-regional expectations, examples including the notorious The Black Riders and DEN.

  4. Continued acts of aggression against the Founderless Regions Alliance, a defensive organisation that sought to uphold inter-regional peace, including a series of minor tangential invasions which the LKE would use to dubiously claim some kind of victory in its ridiculous war.

  5. Invasion of The Rejected Realms (“TRR”) on a massive scale, during which the Emperor of the LKE would become Delegate of TRR, a fact they would arrogantly lord over the world for years to come.

  6. Attempted manipulation of the region Osiris when it was under occupation by a rogue state, by dishonestly offering support to both sides and needlessly prolonging the conflict for its own benefit, which included leveraging its position to force Osiris to withdraw from the Pan-Sinker Security Pact and to sever all contact with the Founderless Regions Alliance, in what amounted to a blatant display of extortion.

  7. Military support for the tyrannical Khanate government in its coup and occupation of Lazarus, and being noticeably absent from a coalition of peacekeepers from most prominent regions who sought to restore peace, further demonstrating the LKE’s consistent agenda of destabilising regions and their populations.

  8. Deliberate obstruction of honest efforts to rebuild the struggling community of The New Inquisition, lead by the criminally inclined Emperor of the LKE, who would personally drive many good leaders from the region and seal its decline, ultimately prefering to betray a community they had helped create instead of giving up control.

  9. Forced assimilation of regions into the lethargic empire and/or personal trophy collection of the LKE, which include Ilum, Polis, Munster, The Imperial Legion, and Vienna.

  10. Attempted invasion of the noble and tenacious region of Moldavia no less than four times, all of which were rebuked, much to the embarrassment of the LKE’s surprisingly incompetent military forces.

  11. Attempted blackmail of innocent regions through the Green-Black Concordat, where such regions could either contribute militarily to the LKE’s campaigns against their interests or be considered valid targets themselves.

  12. Engagement of recruitment practices that are considered against inter-regional expectations, and subsequently blaming these actions on a scapegoated individual when ultimately caught and punished.

  13. Various other assorted affronts, such as having a garbage motto that is obnoxiously written everywhere in entirely capital letters, and publishing documents with broken amateurish formatting.

Denouncing the LKE for the above described extensive history of unkind, aggressive, destructive, and occasionally laughable conduct,
Hereby condemns the Land of Kings and Emperors.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors” was defeated 8,505 votes to 6,791.