Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors

The Security Council,
Cognizant that the Land of Kings and Emperors (LKE) is the oldest currently active imperialist region, and of LKE’s consistent pretense that they are not truly an “invader” organization due to their imperialist ideology, despite their consistent and vile history of raiding and associating with raiders,
Appalled by the vast number of invasions that LKE has been responsible for throughout its long history, invading too many regions to comprehensively list, but including:

  • Free Thought, which was occupied twice, the second time for a stunning 85 days, and was only freed through a Security Council liberation,

  • South Pacific, another region that LKE cruelly occupied twice, and committed an egregious act against during the second occupation, when over 1000 regional message board posts were suppressed, undoubtedly causing dismay and outrage among the natives,

  • Marxist Leninist Party, a raid in which the the LKE triumphed over the Defender Security Alliance, a victory which LKE has celebrated for years and has commemorated with other invasions,

  • Xedas, where LKE managed to rally the impressive force of 63 nations and repel multiple liberation attempts, a showing of LKE’s continued military activity and strength,

  • The Union of Red Nations, Hippiedom, Australia, Argartha, Zhe Intranational Communist, The Union, as well as many others,

Disappointed by LKE’s multiple attempts to invade the region of Moldavia, which were repeatedly rebuffed by the brave natives, who rated LKE’s invasions 37/60 and 35/60, respectively, and amused that despite their obvious defeat LKE continued to claim they had conquered Moldavia and that their emperor held the title of Voivode and Hospodar of Moldavia,
Reproaching LKE’s membership in and involvement with the United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF), an imperialist military organization that perpetrated numerous acts of war against innocent regions and which contained the condemned region of The New Inquisition (TNI), and that as a member of this organization LKE was involved in many unjust raids,
Disgusted by LKE’s association and military involvement with multiple brutal raiding regions, such as DEN, the Black Riders, Lone Wolves United, Osiris, and The Black Hawks, some of which have been condemned by this body, with which they have committed many cruel invasions of regions, oftentimes entering with the raiding forces or piling on to support later, including but by no means limited to Hogwarts, The Soviet Bloc, Ixnay, Canada, the Coalition of Catholic States, Region Inc, Equestria, the Atheist Empire, Forest, Philippines, Westphalia, Iran, SECFanatics, Dharma, Capitalist Paradise, Concosia, North Atlantic, St Abbaddon, Christmas, Anarchy, Japan, and ASEAN,
Shocked by LKE’s military support for the Lazarus Khanate, a dictatorial regime that couped and occupied the region for an extended period of time and ejected many esteemed natives,
Dismayed by the war that the LKE, as a member of the UIAF, conducted against The Founderless Region Alliance (FRA) and The United Defenders League (UDL), stalwart defending organizations committed to protecting regions from menaces like LKE, and that this resulted in the sacking of many regions, such as the United Defenders League, Belgium, Middle Earth, Liberty Alliance, Scotland, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, some of which had no or only tenuous connections to the FRA and UDL,
Rebuking in particular the raid of Slavia in UIAF’s war with the FRA, during which UIAF forces held the region for months despite the fact that Slavia was in the process of resigning from the FRA before the invasion took place, and as such LKE was knowingly holding an innocent, uninvolved, and active community hostage and using their war as an excuse for vile conquering,
Denouncing LKE’s involvement with the raid of The Rejected Realms that TNI perpetrated, in which
Onderkelkia, then the emperor of LKE, seized the delegacy through a puppet state,
Aware that LKE used connections with Gatesville to leverage negotiations when Osiris was couped by The dourian embassy, and that this ultimately led to the liberation of Osiris, but recognizing that this extended the period during which Osiris was under outside control, that in this time notable natives were unjustly ejected and generally mistreated, that the negotiations resulted in the destruction of the Kemetic Republic of Osiris, replaced by an Osirian government that advocated for the invasion of other regions and rejected all FRA influence, and that LKE and the entire imperialist sphere used the situation for their own personal and political gain,
Hereby condemns the Land of Kings and Emperors.

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