Condemn The Red Fleet

Recognizing the numerous raids conducted by The Red Fleet against: capitalist, fascist, and imperialistic regions;

Further recognizing the countless regions held hostage, threatened, and destroyed due to their political stance, by The Red Fleet;

Noting that these regions were raided regardless of their activity or neutrality;

Further noting the blatant and inexcusable persecution and intolerance of capitalists, fascist, and imperialistic regions, at the hands of The Red Fleet;

Appalled that not only has the Security Council not condemned the region, but in fact commends them;

Believing that the actions conducted by The Red Fleet are motivated by prejudice and intolerance;

Convinced that The Red Fleet will only continue to cause more destruction and dismay to other innocent regions, unless action is taken;

Further believing it is The Security Councils’ duty to condemn a destructive, prejudice, and dictatorial region, to further preserve and protect the political rights of all nations and regions.

Hereby condemns The Red Fleet.

“Condemn The Red Fleet” was defeated 10,395 votes to 5,101.