Condemn The Royal Lagrangian

Recognizing that the nation known as The Matriarchy of The Royal Lagrangian, though one of many nations, has committed crimes against liberty in a fashion typical of a tyrant.
Noting that there have been multiple schisms of one of their dominated regions United Nations Commonwealth has suffered many tragedies. In that Lagrangian’s tenure as leader has led to a collapse of a region.
Shocked that The Royal Lagrangian through the actions of various puppet nations continues to harass those who fled from their rule. These regions include
•The now defunct “The United Nations Commonwealth” region
•United Nations Commonwealth
•The Congress of Sovereign Nations
•The United Region States
•Coalition of Free Governments
Appalled with The Royal Lagrangian’s desire for control that they would go as far as to create a region to claim members from a region that separated in order to fully control it themselves. Then, when said region did not function as Lagrangian had pleased (the now defunct “New Congress of Sovereign Nations”) the nation created by the founder had all member states forcibly removed and locked the region.
Further Noting that Lagrangian had sent puppets in order to harass regions and threaten their destruction. Even that Lagrangian had openly admitted to a coup within Coalition of Free Governments is nothing short of subversive warfare and actions typical of a dictator.
Disheartened that after a draft of this proposal was written in Coalition of Free Governments Regional Message Board, that The Royal Lagrangian had taken steps to cover up their actions.
Believing that these actions deem The Royal Lagrangian worthy of a condemnation with tyrannical actions committed through multiple regions on NationStates.
Undoubting that such actions, while an fundamental aspect of this world, should be deterred by proposals such as this. Further feeling that such actions are deserving of international attention and investigation.
Hereby condemns The Matriarchy of The Royal Lagrangian

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Condemn The Royal Lagrangian” was defeated 9,512 votes to 4,223.