Confirmation of Grey as EPPS Commissioner

Section 3.1 of the East Pacific Police Service asks for the Magisterium to vote on a nominated Commissioner.
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…3.1- The Eastern Pacific Police Service shall be overseen by a Commissioner who is nominated by the Delegate and confirmed by majority vote in the Magisterium.

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Greyghost has been nominated, and now must be voted on for Commissioner.

Please vote AYE or FOR to show support for the nominee, NAY or AGAINST to show opposition to the nominee, or ABSTAIN/PRESENT if you cannot reach a decision in good conscience. You must also state your WA nation; if you are on assignment with the EPSA, you may make a statement to that effect.

Eligible Voters
The Atlae Isles
Todd McCloud
Benjamin C. Ravenclaw
The Oan Isles

Benjamin (TEP/WA: Dremaur) votes: AYE

The Atlae Isles (WA: EPSA, TEP: The Atlae Isles) votes AYE.

Asendavia (WA/TEP: Asendavia) votes AYE.

Strat (WA: On assignment/TEP: Stratarin) strongly votes FOR.

Todd McCloud (WA / TEP Nation: Todd McCloud) votes AYE

The Oan Isles (TEP/WA= The Oan Isles) votes AYE

Aye. (WA Nation:[nation]Bachtendekuppen[/nation]).

(In accordance to 3.4, I as Deputy Provost am closing this vote, Ben also gave me permission)
The vote is now Closed.

Aye/For: 7
Nay/Against: 0
Present/Abstain: 0
Non-voting: 4 (Brotherlandprez1, Alix, Tretrid, and Sir Starxpro).

A majority of votes (100%) are in favor. 7 of the 11 (~64%) eligible members, pursuant to provisions 5.2 and 5.3 of the Standing Orders of the Magisterial Assembly, are present therefore quorum (1/2) was met.

Greyghost has been confirmed as Commissioner of EPPS.

Note: Ember has been accepted to the Conclave; Tretrid and Sir Starxpo are on LOA.