[CONFIRMATION] Reconfirmation of Arbiters 2024.7


Pursuant to Article C, Section 5 of the Concordat, discussion is immediately opened regarding the reconfirmation of all sitting Arbiters of the Conclave.

This discussion shall have the duration of 3 days ending on 2024-07-13T06:06:00Z

The following Arbiters are now standing for re-confirmation:

All four of our Arbiters were last confirmed in January. How are they all feeling? Does everyone wish to stay on for this reconfirmation?

I certainly have no complaints with their service.

imf ine serving another term

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Confirmation votes have been opened:


I wasn’t ignoring this thread, my promise.

If the people of TEP still want me to serve, I will gladly serve.

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Same. Feeling fine and dandy as Arbiter.

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