Constitutional Kingdom of Sloughbiszna (Posted behalf of Soupy)

Flag: See below
Nation Name (long): Constitutional Kingdom of Sloughbiszna
Nation Name (short): Sloughbiszna

National Animal: Alpaca
National Flower/Plant: Linum usitatissimum

Capitol: Newport
Largest City: Slougreen

Demonym: Sloughian
Language: Uullun







Population: 24,294,231

Government type: Constitutional Monarchy, Bicameral Legislature
Leader(s): King Aelswith Valentine, PM Rafenild Aethelind
Legislature: Lower house, Gill’inget Armas. Upper house, The Pizhöll. Together it’s just called the parliament. 
Formation: 1850

Total GDP: $195.761 Billion
GDP per capita: 8,057$

Calling Code: 426
ISO 3166 code: SL & SLG
Internet TLD: .SLG

Historical Summary: 
Vikings settled along the coasts and the native nekomimi settled in the plains and the mountain areas. Preferring to keep to a peaceful pastoral lifestyle raising sheep and alpacas. The natives have close cultural and religious relations with Borea (Nystatiszna) sharing a religion of Akuanism. Many Zrei elves have settled along the coast alongside the Norgesveldet merchants, preferring to take to the harvest of truffles of the land and selling them abroad. The Zrei adventurers grew around a truffle-harvester union, which was locking the prices of truffles at high prices. Relations between the vikings, Zrei and the nekomimi natives have nearly always been tolerant. With these multicultural roots and peaceful mindset, the country slowly formed together under a Norgesvelden crown/colony. As Jarl Aelswith officially declared it as a colony in 1650 without much push back from either the ever passive natives or the unions/guild that have begun springing up in the coastal cities.

The natives wanted peace and settled in a rural area with a relaxing civilization for the safety of their people. When they saw the coast was semi unpopulated they made the quick decision to settle there along with the vikings. Sloughby region (besides the right political party) wants to show the other regions that they’re completely safe and peaceful, the natives, the natives believed that the “earth mother” named Freyrmama. It was believed that the goddess spoke to them telling “Peace be the only thing within the inner heart, may war be the only last option you will take”. They favor the joy that comes out of the religion such as spirits, the peaceful colony successfully industrialized, creating textile mills making clothing and yarn. Making the coastal cities wealthy, the unions were quick to insure that the industrial workers benefited from the newfound wealth. Natives living in the rural parts of the country never gained any of the benefits of industrialization. Independence was declared in 1850, while officially under a single crown but the nekomimi village chiefs had their rights respected. Declaring them to be a petite nobility and was allowed a wide deal of autonomy when it came to local issues.

During the great war most of these factories was destroyed and cities bombed. Brutal occupation which also damaged much of the city. After the great war, most of the rebuilding contracted out to a series of foreign corporations. One of which was harvesting the rare truffles which are plentiful in the region. The Augmented Mirar pocket the money and use their new powers to control over the country. Completely controlling the Truffle harvests and exporting to rich developed countries. A rare expensive delicacy abroad. The Augmented mirar controlled the country’s only source of primary income due to the textile mills being destroyed and many herd animals (such as the alpaca and sheep) being slaughtered for food due to the great war conditions. The foreign corporations took control of democracy in the country.

In the modern day, most of the government powers are split between the starchy monarchist rural population and the corrupted but wealthy coastal democratic government which is funded by the The Augmented mirar. Working for/with the corporation is the only way to climb financially and socially. The monarchy still acts as head of state but is struggling against the overwhelming corruption that seeps throughout the coastal regions. More and more the monarchy has been working with labor unions to fight back against the The Augmented mirar
Chiefs have started to side with the coastal-regions labor unions as part of an effort to combat the more urban guilds and bribed politicians representatives that sat on the upper legstrivate house. By helping the unioners in the lower house, the chiefs were able to get support for protecting their lands from corporation sizesure. Nobility and unions working together were able to push against the more extreme measures the corporations tried to force through the legislative branch.

The Augmented Mirar were focusing on their wealth and facturing more and more onto the army. This was planned after the Great War initially hit, when the country started to declare independence in 1865. The name of the son of Sahkonteic (who was previously the owner) named Sigtrygg was now in charge of the Augmented Mirar, the son in short wasn’t very knowledgeable however the only knowledge he only knew was to organize as well as, to make the corporation vastly improve. Sahkonteic son’s education time was spent going abroad education, since Sigtrygg wasn’t a rich kid at the time like his father was. Sigtrygg was a former Huamark member he had idea’s from his father, focusing on his studies to help him further learn and understand the corporation . His studies on the Huamark party, he found that they were wanting to repeal the union protection which he favored and wanting to pass this law immediately when he was put on the throne of the company. Focusing on the monopoly of soup cans, the main soup cans products being called “Skadbell Soup”  and making the corporation the main priority for the region, Sigtrygg was concerned about the nearby Socialist Federation . The Augmented Mirar is number 1 in competition; they’ve owned a monopoly on land-ownership in the coastal regions. The rural area mainly was more agricultural and religious, nearly completely different from the more wealthier coastal region.

Following a vote on 28th February 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 4-0-1. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.