Consular Rights


Consular Rights
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Topid

The General Assembly,

Recognizing the existence of diplomatic missions like consulates and embassies which serve as a representation from one nation
to another,

Understanding in many nations the laws may be confusing to understand for a common citizen from another culture and that a representative from the diplomatic mission of one’s home nation may make the law more clear,

Realizing that nations may also accuse a citizen of a crime falsely and that governments way want to hear evidence from the citizen that he or she is being falsely accused so the government may protect its citizens abroad,

Knowing that those citizens of a nation convicted of a crime in another nation may also wish to speak to a representative from their home nation’s diplomatic mission to inform their government on conditions within the prison or to seek advice on appeals,


Defines for the purposes of this resolution:
The “home nation” as the nation the accused holds citizenship in.
The “host nation” as the nation that has accused or convicted the foreigner of a crime.
A “diplomatic mission” as an embassy, consulate, or other formal representation of the home nation.

Declares a person charged of a crime while in a member nation as a non-citizen has the right to meet with a representative from their home nation’s diplomatic mission within a host nation, should such a diplomatic mission exist,

Allows host nations to require these meetings to occur off of the actual grounds of the diplomatic mission, to prevent a situation where the accused refuses to leave the building the host nation is not allowed to access,

Encourages nations to staff diplomatic missions with legal experts in the host nation’s laws to be able to advice their citizens accused of a crime within the host nation,

Further declares that foreigners convicted of crimes and imprisoned within member states have the right to meet with a representative of their home nation’s diplomatic mission privately, within the prison, once per year, should such a diplomatic mission exist.

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Consular Rights was passed 9,325 votes to 1,118.