Consulate: Audax

By order of The East Pacific Foreign Service, this thread shall contain the Consulate of the region Audax.

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Representatives: Dvorak, Mauta Kudu

Volume Number I[hr]

Audaces fortuna iuvat
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Official Audaxian Foreign Department Message
Audaces Fortuna Iuvat|Fortune Favors The Bold
[hr] With the demise of both of the Audax communities’ of Audaxia and Satius both now standing as historical monuments to our grand community, the rebirth of Audax was inevitable. Audax was just too powerful and witty to meet such a demise that it did. Thus, in November of 2017-The Audax community finally came home. Audax since then has been doing some great things with roleplay, gameplay and even programming!

NationStates Battle Simulator is back?
[hr] A few days ago, Hoydia (Articalla, the original developer of NSBS) announced that he would be bringing back the abandoned project of NationStates Battle Simulator. This alone filled a lot of people within Audax with excitement as Audax was greatly proud of assisting with NSBS’s development and publicity.

NationStates Battle Simulator will be in development for the indefinite future and will most likely continue being so until there is no more demand for it. NationStates Battle Simulator: Online is still in development.

Will Audax become the old Audax?
[hr] The original Audax back in 2015 was very strong and reached nearly 260+ nations at its peak, yet this reincarnation of Audax is only sitting at 48 nations currently. Although recruiting has become harder going forward from 2015, we still have high hopes. Audax will be changing its questionable recruiting methods to a much more favorable, and more professional method we used during Audax’s rise to glory.

However the old Audax is the new Audax. It was the very same way in Audaxia and Satius, the original Audax never died. It only adapted into new identities and terms. Regardless if we were in Audaxia or Satius, most native Audaxians always found themselves labeling our community as the “Audax Community”.

There is a good reason to that, because Audax was successful and it was a large reference point to our community’s goals in creating regions. Personally any region I create will always have the goal of beating the original Audax because it was simply great in almost every aspect of the word. Audax was just great and there’s no denying that.