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By order of The East Pacific Foreign Service, this thread shall contain the Consulate of the region Londinium.

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Representative(s): Nyelant

[size=100]Londinium Regional Update - Jan. 4, 2018[/size]

Londinium was founded on August 6, 2017, making this new year the (almost) 6 month mark. Here are some things that have happened in that time.

Prime Minister Bymaria was elected for a first term, then a second, making the first Prime Ministers’ term the longest possible.

The first Speaker of the Assembly of All, Saint Ehm, attempted a coup, trying to overthrow the Monarch. However, the nations of Londinium rejected the attempt and decided to support the Prime Minister. This did, however, prompt a reshuffling of postitions in the Prime Minister’s cabinet, ensuring this would never happen again.

Fresh elections were called in the Parliament to fill vacant seats. Only 2/5 seats were filled. New nations Nyelant, Habsburg Empire of Austria Hungary, and Pontustan were elected to serve along the existing members of Yawin and Nesearan.

Shortly after, a bill was passed making major changes to the legislature. Now both the elected Upper House (Parliament) and the citizen-controlled Lower House (Assembly of All) can submit legislation to the other for review.

New elections were held December 10th, to elect both the office of Prime Minister and Parliament. Bymaria was re-elected Prime Minister and has chosen his new cabinet. The Deputy Prime Minister remains the German Empire of Prussia, Nyelant remaining Chief Diplomat, Pontustan becoming Minister of Security, Cochardia remaining Minister of Population, and Nesearan becoming Minister of Development. Southern Aurgediam was also elected Speaker of the Assembly of All.

Major embassy overhaul followed, and under the guidance of the Prime Minister many old embassies were retired. Cochardia, as Minister of Population, has brought many new nations and prosperity to the region. Nesearan, while Minister of Development, is also the head of roleplay, and has introduced a new roleplay set in the year 1519, as an alternative to the old one set in 1937.

This concludes the New Year’s Report. May 2018 bring prosperity upon your region!

Thank you for the update!

Londinium Regional Update - March 1, 2018

The aftermath of the coup has been sorted out; business is as usual in Londinium. This month, we officially hit the 6 month mark!

General News

The first part of February was spent recuperating from the coup. Not much happened from the 1st through the 17th. Talk of a new roleplay was started on the 17th, this one set in the modern day. Work has commenced on starting this roleplay. Following a few unpopular decisions my the Heads of Roleplay in the old roleplay setions, an idea was brought forth. Why not make the Head of Roleplay position elected? Many saw opportunity, however some saw less control. Prime Minister Bymaria eventually decided to enact an executive order making the office elected, which was immediately called into question. Many cited the fact that it had to be “in popular opinion” for it to be enacted. After many re-drafts, it appears there is a solution. The office will be a rotating council, with players taking turns deciding what happens.

In political news, major reforms have come to the way the Prime Minister and Members of Parliament are elected in Londinium. The two elections are now combined into one, where each citizen will vote for a party. Each party will receive a proportionate number of seats in Parliament. The party or coalition with the largest amount of seats has its leader declared Prime Minister. Many think this will increase political activity and also the role of political parties in the region.

Due to large recruitment efforts by Population Minister Cochardia, Prime Minister Bymaria, Sovereign Fortwhile and Minister of Development Kingdom of Union, we have been able to bounce back from a lull in activity. Many new nations are joining the region.

Military News

An operation was executed taking over The City State of Singapore. All went well until the region was stolen back by the Grey Wardens. It was, however, only an exercise. Another operation was conducted in The Followers of Tachanka, where once again the Grey Wardens tried to stop us. This time, however, we were stronger. They were not able to fend off out attack and the region remains under our control. Yet another operation was conducted in Czarist Russia, this time unopposed. This region also remains under our control.

This concludes the Londinium March Update. May springtime bestow all its blessings upon your region.

July 2018 Update

The Union of Londinium
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HM Fortwhile Returns After Brief Absence

For a short period, Londinium welcomed it’s second ever monarch (albeit a temporary one) as Crown Princess Lady Cari took on the mantle of sovereign until further notice. Fortwhile, the regional monarch, had said that he would try to be involved as much as possible but said he felt that the region will benefit from Lady Cari dealing with the day-to-day functioning of the region while he was busy with real life and duties in other regions.
Now, with more time on his hands, he returns to resume control of Londinium.

Governmental Reform - No longer in effect with new constitution

After huge plans to reform the system of regional government gathered lots of support, Londinium decided to reform its government. Everyone was on board with change, but initially not all agreed on what form it should take.
In the end, we decided to adopt a unicameral legislature. This is to be composed of an indefinite amount of members after many were dissatisfied with inactivity in Parliament. The idea hopes to allow for swifter passing of legislation - with input from more parties - and a legislature that can function more efficiently.
Party politics will perhaps be more involved in regional government too, which is a boost to activity. The exact rules for application to the house were determined and set out in the first Act of the new Regional Council.

Others involved have been calling for a Council-Manager style government in addition, whereby the PM is elected by the legislature, which would hold parliamentary sovereignty over the region. With limited powers to one executive individual, they argue, we are more likely to get things done and officials will not lose interest as quickly, with a cabinet that is more accountable for their actions.

Find discussion in the following two forum threads:

New Citizenship Process

The Constitution has been updated to reflect the passage of an amendment recognising a “citizen” of Londinium as different to a “resident”, while we begin to implement our first formal citizenship process for new nations.
Residents are now being asked to fill out an application form to attain citizenship in order to provide a more secure region and prevent against voter fraud.

Thank you so much for the update! It’s really nice to hear you guys didn’t let disagreement get in the way of the reform everyone wanted. I hope your legislative endeavors thrive with the new activity you guys will be seeing within your government. Glad to see you guys around again :slight_smile:


Sorry to see such a long serving leader leave, but I’m glad that the transition seems to be going smoothly.
Coronation ceremonies are always fun times and a chance to get to better know a region!