[CONSULATE] South Pacific

This thread will serve the purpose of consulate between South Pacific and The East Pacific.

South Pacific Foreign Update | September 2020

[sub]Live - Panther Sitting on his delegacy after the Raid[/sub]


Recently, South Pacific was raiding by an invading group which included the Black Hawks, Caer Sidi and Europeia amongst other regions. Following this, Panther was unseated from their delegacy, and an invader delegate took the spot. Following several liberation attempts, one of the biggest liberation attempts was put together by the South Pacific, the Rejected Realms and the East Pacific, and many, many other regions. If you did support on the liberations, we thank you for your support during these tough times.

Following this, the invaders left and Panther was able to regain the delegacy.


[sub]Johanesslanden Returns[/sub]


After only being given a worthless box of chocolates and a book titled “the 50 best Scottish motorbike trips,” our much beloved former delegate Johanesslanden came back during the raid as quickly as they had left to support the liberation attempt. Following his brief retirement, he was forced to come back to the region to serve as vice-delegate following TheLepearchauns leaving the cabinet and the game

Meanwhile, former Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Killiningo (also known as Agalaesia), was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs after Johannesslanden’s first departure, and was replaced by Maowi as Minister of World Assembly Affairs following a quick reshuffle.

Lastly, Lingang was appointed as Civil Defence Overlord, and will now serve the gentlepanther in watching the regional happenings page.


[sub]Aga Dominates Game Nights[/sub]

Recently, the Deputin of culture introduced game nights on discord. These include anything from games such as chess to listening parties. Come and join in on the South Pacific Discord and RMB!



While everyone in the region breathed a sigh of relief following the eventual end of the occupation, after the withdrawal of the raiding forces, any real celebratory feelings were somewhat muted by the rather sudden decision of long-time resident and former delegate the lepearchauns to depart, not only the region, but NationStates overall.

In the thirteen years that Lep had been a part of NationStates, he served seven terms as delegate of South Pacific, becoming a respected, if grumpy, fixture of the region.

In 2009, after a false start attempting to create his own defender region, Lep made contact with the Founderless Regions Alliance and was taken by the organization. At this point, the FRA was only around a year old, and Lep would help see it through much of the subsequent early days. He would go on to hold positions such as Minister of Recuitment, Vice-Chancellor, and eventually Chief of Defense.

Together with North Pacific, Lep would work to create a multi-regional alliance called “League of Pacifics,” striving to join the other non-feeder pacific regions. And even though it never quite materialized, it was a nice dream, and one which we will now pick up the mantle of, by force if necessary.

Yet, for all of the hard work and accomplishments among the international community, his greatest impact was likely felt by those in the region he resided in for so very long. He had a truly genuine nature, and it was a pleasure getting to know him. As another long-time resident, Densaner, remarked upon Lep’s departure:

“It will be a smaller place without him.”


[sub]Updates by Aga[/sub]

Even though I never actually met Lep, it makes me sad to hear about his departure from the game, I liked the dispatch “End of the Rainbow”.

Thanks for the update, it was a lovely read.

Appreciate the kind words. I was quite pleased by how that dispatch turned out, as well.