Coronation Celebration


Osirisis proud to host our very own Coronation Celebration! We will be celebrating the coronation of Crown Prince Syberis as he assumes the role of Pharoah. Current Pharoah Neo Kervoskia will abdicate the throne as the longest sitting Delegate in Osiran history and will be remembered for his unwavering honor and dedication. Join us for outrageous spam games, cards against humanity, and a flag contest where the winning flag will be flown by soon to be Pharoah Syberis. There will be glorious monuments made to the liking of former Pharaohs Neo Kervoskia and Cormac along with an interesting palace RP. Festivities begin July 31st and end August 2nd so mark your calendar! Spam games and a discussion thread will be available on all three days, and join Osiris’ Discord to chat with us in live time!

See a schedule of special events below:

July 31 -
Monuments resurrected to Neo Kervoskia and Cormac
Tour of the Palace

August 1 -
Abdication Ceremony
Open space to leave good tidings for both Neo Kervoskia and Syberis

August 2 -
Winning Flag from the flag contest announced
Cards Against Humanity

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