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Experts make Predictions for the Cosorian Election of 2023!

The Presidential Election of 2023 is approaching fast, lots of Citizens and people who read our news are wondering what the Experts say about this election? Last election saw the Cosorian Progressive Party make an increase in Seats and saw one of their candidates get 30% of the vote and this election is undoubtedly going to be one of the most important elections in the nation’s history.

Lots of Controversy surrounded the CPP over its policies, some of which people criticized as Nationalist or Imperialist. The CPP claims to seek the security of the Cosorian people and the country’s borders. While this seems a noble goal at first the policies include re-arming the Cosorian Military and expansion of the Military.

Although the CPP states it doesn’t wish to introduce Conscription or fully expand the military it has stated that an increase in personnel is necessary despite the lack of outside threats to the country.

The Cosorian Democratic Party has stated that the Policies of the CPP are extremist, while the CPP responded with denouncing the CDP as Socialist and ‘Communist’.

The Cosorians, however, Seem to be pointing to the CPP as a better choice, despite the Major economic growth the CDP has brought over the last 70 years, Cosoria has one of the smallest Militaries on the planet and is using more outdated equipment. “The Cosorian air force doesn’t even operate a Single CF-11 Fighter jet” The Head of the CPP said, “The Cosorian Air force produced a Single Cheap and Viable Design but it only operates transport aircraft and helicopters.”

The Head of the CPP also made it known that the Cosorians army, which stood at only 3,000, was not able to defend the country’s various islands despite its large amounts of training. The head of the party also spoke about how the navy only operates a Single Light Frigate and some patrol craft which cannot protect Cosorian waters.

Experts in Politics have crunched the numbers and determined that race will undoubtedly be close and that it is not possible to determine the outcome. Many Cosorians, however, have said they will vote for the CPP when the time comes.

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Could Animated films be Eclipsing Live Action in the Cosorian Movie Industry?

With the newest live action films ‘How to train your Dragon’ and ‘Northern Lights’ already topping off as the Best selling Cosorian Films in the last 5 Years, many are wondering whether the Live action films could become the underperformers on Cosorian TVs.

Over the last 10 years Cosorian Live Action has become less and less well-rated in theaters. In theaters in Kyeva Most Live Actions received ratings less than %70 while Animated films are praised for their stories, imagination and visuals.

Lardlyc Broznyl, a Movie Critic, told us this.

“Although Live Actions aren’t inferior by default, the problem is that the rarity of Animators gives Animations a Advantedge in Theatres. Live Actions often see the success of one and try to make something similar, this makes for dull, boring and repeating patterns in them. Movies try too hard to copy off one other movie and in the process set themselves up for more failure. Animations, on the other hand, use their limited resources to make whatever they want. It’s a Lot easier to make a 3D model of a house in these Studios than it would be for them to set one up for a live action.”

“This leads to them making more unique assets and they often get to focus on stories since they don’t have to worry about acting, instead they record the voice, maybe sometimes more than once but they don’t have as much time required to do that. This leads to them getting a much more original story out and a more enjoyable one too.”

The Cosorian Movie Industry seems like it is changing…

NEXT: The Elections are almost here, what to expect in case of CPP Victory.



Valsmeksa Ferries, a Ferry Service Company running routes between the Cosorian Archipelago, has come under fire over the Sinking of the Ferry M/V Byasnk. The Sinking, although not causing any fatalities, did cause the unfortunate loss of the Vehicles on board and the Ferry itself.

The Investigation revealed lack of Maintenance caused Corrosion on the ships Hull near her stern and resulted in flooding. Several Inquiries were already made and it is now clear Valsmeksa Ferries has skipped over several safety procedures and Maintenance in order to get the Ferry into service. This has led to the Lines ships being held in port and a lawsuit by the Cosorian Maritime Enforcement agency, as well as those affected by the disaster, against the ferry line.

Timelines of the disaster have already been released, and it shows the Ship’s Hull opening up near her stern and power being lost moments later just after a general SOS was sent out. The roughly 40 passengers and 9 crew were taken quickly to the lifeboats and the actions of some were praised as no soul was lost during the ordeal.

Yet the Line refused recommended maintenance and it was discovered that a series of Bribery incidents took place. As a result most passenger vessels including the Olympic, The Flagship of the Cosorian Civilian fleet, are being held in port for inspections by port officials. This has caused air flights to sell out and a large amount of discontent within those looking to travel during the summer months.

The sudden revealing of this corruption raises greater concerns of the governments state and the overall stability of the country