Costalan Claim

Joint claim between me and @Resnov7177

Nation Name (long): State of the Military Frontier - Fréamh Míleata
Nation Name (short): Costalan - Cóstalan

Motto: None official
National Animal: None official
National Flower/Plant: None official
National Anthem: None official. “Woe to the Tyrants” used de facto

Capitol: Citadel Azur
Largest City: Venecry

Demonym: Costalani (official), Frontierfolk (colloquial, pl.)
Language: None official. Costalani Fefsen used as primary lingua franca
Species: Half-elf majority (~2/3), with significant Dwarven, Tiefling, and Animalpeople minorities. Pureblood humans and elves are usually only found in non-Fefsen populations.
Population: 21,517,045 (2023)

Government type: Federal parliamentary directorial republic - Multiparty liberal democracy

  • Their Excellencies, the Marshals of State
    • Rylaich Á. Dorméir
    • Haviere-Aleharon Luz
    • Marheg Jessenia Y. P. n’Artagáin
    • Áine nar Spéir
    • Marheg Karon O. Ceàrdair

Legislature: People’s High Government Junta (unicameral)


  • 549 CE (as the Salted Coast Military Frontier of the Trinterian Commonwealth)
  • 1651 (as the Legates’, Guildsfolk’s, and Lairds’ High Government Junta)
  • 1654 (as Costalan)

Total GDP: $571.4 billion (nominal, 2023)
GDP per capita: $26,559 (nominal, 2023)
Currency: Costalani feineroí

Calling Code: +459
ISO 3166 code: CL/CSL
Internet TLD: .cl

Historical Summary:

Following a vote on January 23, 2024, this claim has been accepted by 6-1-0.