Culture Questionnaire Form & Submissions

OP: Culture Questionnaire Form & Submissions - The East Pacific - Tapatalk


[b]Languages spoken in you country[/b]

[b]Knowledge of foreign languages[/b]

[b]Facts about your language; speaking distance & directness [/b]


[b]Decimal point [/b]

[b]Definition of a billion[/b]

[b]System of measurement [/b]

[b]How date is written & most important dates [/b]


[b]Variety of races / attitudes about race & foreigners [/b]

[b]You make jokes about...[/b]


[b]Political parties [/b]

[b]Attitude toward Socialism & Communism [/b]

[b]Does the government listen to you? [/b]

[b]Can problems be solved? [/b]

[b]If a politician cheats on his wife...[/b]

[b]Military involvement with government[/b]

[b]Freedom of speech, patriotism, royalty, changing names, misc. [/b]


[b]Utilities & companies: public or private [/b]

[b]Inflation & unemployment [/b]


[b]Variety of items for sale, haggling[/b]

[b]Credit cards [/b]



[b]Attitudes toward social security, welfare programs, unemployment payments, medical assistance, charitable aid [/b]


[b]Knowledge of world capitals & leaders [/b]

[b]Attitudes toward the other countries of the East Pacific[/b]

[b]Has your country been conquered? [/b]



[b]Court system & lawsuits[/b]

[b]Bribes [/b]

[b]Police & gun ownership [/b]

[b]Dangerous places[/b]

[b]Lawyers [/b]


[b]History you learned [/b]

[b]Cost of school[/b]



[b]Are you a farmer? [/b]

[b]Can you be fired? [/b]

[b]Labor day [/b]

[b]Appointments, punctuality, negotiating[/b]


[b]Which side of the road / traffic lights / pedestrian safety [/b]


[b]Quality of public transportation, trains, buses, planes [/b]


[b]First names & forms of address [/b]

[b]Arranged marriages & wedding customs[/b]

[b]Importance of family background & social status [/b]

[b]Preferences of physical appearance[/b]

[b]Sexuality & attitudes toward homosexuality [/b]

[b]Relations with family / visiting / misc. [/b]

[b]AT HOME[/b]

[b]Things in your house [/b]

[b]Bathroom [/b]




[b]Biggest meal of the day [/b]

[b]What you won't eat (and odd things you will)[/b]

[b]How you eat & local cuisine[/b]

[b]Fast food & restaurants[/b]



[b]Quality of healthcare & national health insurance[/b]

[b]Attitudes toward doctors[/b]


[b]Major religions & attitudes toward them [/b]

[b]Relationship between church and state[/b]

[b]Christmas & other holidays [/b]


[b]Amount of vacation time[/b]

[b]Topless & nude beaches[/b]

[b]Hotel rooms with private baths[/b]

[b]Popular travel destinations & recreational activities[/b]


[b]Attitude toward opera, ballet, theatre, etc.[/b]


[b]Dubbing or subtitles?[/b]


[b]TV news, newspapers, & print media [/b]




[b]Popular sports [/b]

[b]Types of playing cards used[/b]