Currency Exchange

So I was wondering what kind of exchange rate we get between currencies, and how that might effect the world economy, so I decided to start this sheet.

1.7 Kirib (KRB) = 1 SHD
7 Oan dollars = 1 SHD
4.1 Oan dollars (OAD) = 1 KRB

This was something I was considering putting in the TEP Market Magazine, but hadn’t gotten around to actually starting the exchange rates. If this sheet can be populated, I can run some numbers and include weekly fluctuations in TEP Market Magazine. What I am saying is, enter in your country’s value, people!

I swear the kirib to SHD exchange was 1.15:1

(unless dylan changed it and didn’t tell me lol)

1SHD=900 porcelain dolls

Mexregiona uses the Mexregionan KinkiMonsuu, although it is now referred to simply as the Monsuu. The Monsuu is worth the equivalent of a South Hills Dollar (SHD), which is kind of weird considering the nations’ isolation from each other. The full abbreviation is KMu, placed after the amount of currency rather than before, but that has been replaced by the orthodox Mu.

Keep in mind that, given the international uselessness of the Monsuu, the nation may switch over currency in the future. hint, hint

And since NSwiki is, currently, not up, I can’t provide the other information at the moment, although you peeps are free to do so.

I filled out a bit of information, but I can’t do it all.

The Strataric Dreyk (Ƈ) has the value of 0.38 USD. I can’t list population supporting very exactly, as NSwiki is down, but it’s approximately 154,000,000. Or so.

As for the Ivlyan Valyet (∀), being based off the Dreyk, it has a similar value (0.35). Population’s in the 40-to-60 millions.

(opinion question: should I just turn the Valyet into the Ivlyan Dreyk to make things easier and more sensible?)

— Begin quote from ____

(opinion question: should I just turn the Valyet into the Ivlyan Dreyk to make things easier and more sensible?)

— End quote

Honestly, having less currencies would make for a more peaceful globe (probably). And it would make roleplay less complicated. So I’d say merge’em, although it’s your choice.

When in doubt use the kirib. ;p

I use current exchange rate for CZ Korun (exept its RUseniyan Korun :wink:

1 USD = 20.59 RuK

Currency Name: Laybacher Goldmark (Mark)
Symbol: ℳ
Population Supporting: 2,742,783 (official)
In Circulation: ~700,000,000,000 ℳ ((of which: 190-200 billion liquid within Laybach, 490-500 billion in gold reserves, up to 20 billion world wide/illegally)
Value (vs. USD): US$1=0.3125 ℳ (1ℳ =US$3.2)
Value (vs. SHD): SH$1=0.3281 ℳ (1ℳ =SH$3.04)
Nations Using: One only (legally)
Trivia: The Laybach (Gold-)Mark is the only official currency in the Duchy of Laybach. Due to the fact that every (legal) transaction in Laybach is concluded via the Goldmark, which is monopolistically administered by the Laybach National Bank, the country is the only one of its kind, a country with a monetary intranet. Thus, almost all of the currency’s worth is kept within country borders. In some areas of the world, the Goldmark is used as a black market currency (though one of many), whose profits are stored in laybach or exchanged there to foreign money (which then is transported back into the wide world). However, the Laybach bank tries to crack down upon external use of Goldmark.

Currency Name: Bere
Currency Symbol: Ḃ
Population Using: 14,352,000
Countries Using: Kilkire, (1)
Circulation: ~21,000,000,000 Ḃ Total
BER-USD Conversion Rate: 1Ḃ=$2.22
BER-EUR Conversion Rate: 1Ḃ=€1.97

Currency Name: Sokalan Nihil
Currency Symbol: ₦
Population Using: 50,000,000
Countries Using: The Democratic Republic of Sokala
Circulation: ₦ 600,000,000,000
BER-USD Conversion Rate: ₦ 1 = $0.2
BER-EUR Conversion Rate: 1Ḃ=€0.21