Cymoedd Claim


Nation Name (long):The Kingdom of Cartref y Cymoedd

Nation Name (short):Cymoedd

Motto:United through the long dark.

National Animal:Snowy Owl

National Flower/Plant: King’s Crown

National Anthem:Chorale from Jupiter Orchestral Excerpt

Capitol: Cardon

Largest City: Cardon

Demonym: Gwladwyr

Language: Ceflad (Welsh)



Government type: Const. Monarchy

Leader(s): Duw Is Gwilym Bennion V (Lower God Gwilym Bennion) Prif Weinidog Ceri Davies (Prime Minister Ceri Davies)

Legislature: Mae’r llys cenedlaethol (The National Court)


Total GDP:$682,560,000,000

GDP per capita:$32,026,801


Calling Code:+881

ISO 3166 code: GW, GWE

Internet TLD: .gw

Historical Summary: Dating back to the first written records around 650CE, The Gwladwyr consisted of a group of Princedoms and Federations divided by the rolling hills, rivers, forests and small mountain ranges that dominate the region. Constant fighting for control of the region would be achieved by Owain Ithel and the Princedom of Cardonmithshire, uniting the region and forming Cartref y Cymoedd, as well as awarding himself the title of Brenin (King) And proclaiming himself as the first Duw Is, formulating a tradition of the title being awarded to successful Brenhinoedd of war. This First Kingdom of Gwlad Wen would be an absolute Monarchy lead by the Ithel, The Kemble and the Bennion Royal Families, up until the Occupation and Vassalisation of the nation by Valokchia, resulting in a puppet government from 1851 to 1919, known as “Rhyfel Annibyniaeth y Cenedlaetholwyr” (the Nationalist war of Independence), Reestablishing the native government with Duw Is Gwilym Bennion IV as monarch and Ryhes Moss as Prime Minister or Prif Wenidog, forming a Constitutional Monarchy.

Today Cartref y Cymoedd remains a nation that has lifted itself out of war and into the modern era, with goals to ensure that their culture, heritage and land remain Gwladwyr and to sustain its armed forces and government through the export of Oil, Gas, Lumber, and Manufactured goods as the Services Sector continues to begin to grow.

Following a vote on 3-12-23, you have been accepted by 6-0. Welcome to Urth

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