De-mask list Tutorial/Help

Tutorial for the De-mask lists

  1. Open | and

  2. Click on “full reply screen” on

  3. Go to, scroll to bottom, click on the dropbox with “Displaying” next to it, then scroll through the dropbox and click on “Citizens”, then click “Submit”.

  4. Click on the very top profile, look for their nation name or link, if you cannot find it then look at their oldest posts to find their citizen application, then look to see if their nation is CTE (ceased to exist) or has left TEP (the east pacific).

  5. A citizen report template for one citizen.

[hr](profile name): %url%
Nation: [nation](nation name)[/nation] | (CTE/Is in [region](region name)[/region])
Last post: (last activity date, listed in profile)

  1. Just do it over and over again until you hit around 5-20 reports, then afterwards post the next profile in the list to do, if any.

You may ask; any questions, for better explanation, or for updates to tutorial in this topic.