Dead X_X

Hey Everybody, I’m starting a new RP of sorts. It’s been awhile since I’ve RPed so I want at least one senior in on this. I will explain the scenario to enter this RP

1530- Through advanced military technology, sent an experimental warp bubble into the aether of space. Warp Bubble shatters, causing death to the explorer inside it by disintegration. All the resources of Warp Bubble assumed lost.

500 Years Later, those shards finally land all over the East Pacific! Covered in stardust, they have been enhanced so that a gate can be made to visit nations across space and time!

Machi Avel Li is still in same old Italy, but the rest of the world is covered by wasteland due to Alternate Universe Hitler’s Poor Management.The only other nation standing is Japan, and only internet towers allow communication, as acidic rain on the open “field” of the rest of the world prevents travel. Don’t worry, Lolis do exist there.

Anyway, the Gate is Sentient, and does not allow weapons across the Gate, instead vaporizing the said item and the person attempting to bring said item is there are enough violations.

I purposely propose that my nation be across space and time due to the fact that I can’t seem to understand what goes on with the map.

The Site of Launch of the Warp Bubble is guarded by several guards, which is right next to the throne room of Machiavelli Himself! They are awaiting the day that all the effort 500 years ago would be justified!

However, The Gate requires a chant to open. Which is conveniently etched onto each square of the Warp Bubble.

<Your Nation> Of the Aether,
<Government Type> reigns in this <Description of Place>,
<Motto> Cries our people, <Religion> and <Animal> We worship,
<Description of People> we are,
We give <Currency> and <Your desired resource to give>,
We hold <Regional Influence> power,
A promise of peace and reverence to Niccolo Machiavelli,
Honor we give to <Year of Machiavelli’s Death>,
Open thy arms,
Let us be in your presence.

Fill in the chant above and I’ll start another thread as soon as we get 3 people total.