Debt Collection Act

ACKNOWLEDGES that many people on low incomes turn to legitimate money lenders as a means of meeting living costs.

RECOGNIZES that legal monetary agreements must be respected by both parties with regards to the law in given nations.

STRESSES that the collection of debt must be enacted in a means respecting basic personal rights.

‘Lender’ herein refers to any non-governmental money lending institution representative, enacting collection of debt, either via money or property repossession, upon entering indebted individual’s place of residence. Governmental equivalents (revenue and customs officials, etc.) being assumed subject to national governmental law. In the case of ‘Loan Sharks’ the following restrictions apply if such organisations are permitted by the law to function. If considered legally illegitimate debt collectors, they then fall under relevant national legislation against such practice.

This act hereby mandates that all governments must impose the following restrictions.

On collection of debt from individuals living on private property

Lenders may not enter private property to receive debt payments:

If admitted into the property by an individual of 18 years or younger (or equivalent age of consent in given nation).

When admitted by an individual who does not own, or partially own the property.

Via means of force, including the breaking down of doors and windows, as well as physical intimidation of indebted individuals to pay debt.

If property is entered by other non-consensual means, for example lock picking the door, entering under false pretences, etc.

On collection of debt from an individual living in a non-private residence (retirement homes, hospices etc.)

Lenders may not enter said residences under the above conditions in addition to the following:

If admitted into the property outside of visiting hours or equivalent time restrictions.

When admitted by the indebted individual when not considered mentally capable of permitting the transaction (as judged by a relevant medical professional).

If the indebted individual is not in a physically healthy state to permit and/or enact the transaction. (as judged by a relevant medical professional)

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Debt Collection Act” was defeated 9,523 votes to 3,693.