Declaration of War

To the proud nations of the East Pacific:

Today, the South Pacific Coalition Forces enter into war the the Tripartite State. Although far from warmongers, I would like to invoke the words of an ancient Strataric philosopher: “He who sees wrong and looks the other way does wrong himself.”

The Tripartite State is guilty of multiple infractions, including broadcasting torture in the form of asphyxiation on live television, supporting and actively supplying terrorist attacks, makes its bed with a country known as Janfort (in which political rivals mysteriously die in their homes), and finally, according to Axdelian intelligence, constructed a ship and opened fire on a monument built by the sweat of its own people for the sake of an excuse to enter a war.

To nations of the Fire Pact who have not seen these atrocities committed, our quarrel is not with you. You need not descend into the abyss with the Tripartite State. You can aid us in fighting against these injustices done, for the sake of the future citizens of all East Pacific nations. You can aid us by denouncing the Tripartite State as corrupt, ensuring such evil gains not a foothold in our proud region. If you are a nation that eschews conflict, you can aid us simply by staying neutral.

To nations not currently in the Fire Pact, the same might be said towards you. Help us end this scourge, and preserve the sense of duty and honor that makes the East Pacific great.

To the nations that aid the Tripartite State, do not say that you were not warned.

With respect,

Primary Minister Anatoly Baryshnikov
Minister of Defense and War
The Most Serene Republic of Stratarin