Deep seaDragon

1955 Expedition
An ambitious Expedition by the man named known as Eric to search the deep sea.  He created a custom submarines and started his journey in the deep sea. Following the event, A government scientist talk to him.

“You’re an ambitious looking man, i see why your building this contraction” say government scientist that stood next to him during the event.

They both start talking in a nearby cafe. They both talking the secrets, theory about the deep sea. Not long after Eric start working with deep sea’s researcher. Following the day, they all start creating a submarine that capable to reach lower depth. The next month pass and the project completed. They called it 'ZETA. Before they called it a day, the same person who talked with eric come to a visit.

“I see that your dream is start getting closer” says the man to Eric

he walked to him as he speak. Feeling happy and nervous. He stood in front of Eric.

“Never been happier in my life” Eric Reply with nervous tone.

They both started to chat in front of the Submarine. In the end, the man just saying that the government will directly funded the project. A little celebration in the factory by the researcher and the engineer. The Next day arrive and some testing begun. Following the year, the big event added to the list. Several people stood by the pier to watch Orderia next achievement. The man come to a visit and giving all of them a good luck speech. 
In the early morning. 'ZETA Drove toward to the deep sea trench. Escorted with 2 coastguard ship, they all took a journey to the main diving location.
A couple day pass and all of them is one piece and stood right above the trench. Couple hours preparation and 'ZETA Was diving below. Piloted by the man himself 'Eric and 1 other. 
couple hours pass and they entered the zone when light doesn’t brighten up. One other hours pass and they both still going down.
About 4500 km. Eric start to seeing thing. The Audio was captured inside tape recorder about their progress.

“Ima seeing this, Hey hey! take a look at the windows” Say Eric from the tape recorder.

“What the…!, God ,the hell is that thing!” say the copilot  same come from tape recorder

“I can’t believe it, that thing is huge, it’s like a giant snake, No! a dragon!”. Say Eric

the audio continue until they hear a roar and cut off for several minute. They Both illustrated as a giant snake or an deep sea eel with blue eyes and stripes glowing from its body, and also a weird symbol in its chest. from the illustration, approximately length of this creatures is 64 ft long. Although people believe they seeing thing, but another expedition around that depth and shown no evidence of this creature. Before they told anyone about this story, the dive around 36,000 km before a mechanic broken due to pressure and they forced to resurface. it took them 8 hours to accomplish with extra 1 hours for searching the creature. They name the creature 'Zeta Dragon fish, represented from the submarine name. The existence of this creature is still a mystery and only an illustrated told the story, the only evidence they got is a sound tape caught in 1955.

2009 Expedition
The expedition of this mysterious creatures continues. Taking the same route from previous expedition. This expedition consist with 3 diving personnel with extra mini-sub/drone in the submarines. In early Tuesday morning, the expedition start. Dr, Beys Kelly is in charge of this expedition
“This is Z-12 to CS-1, copy” Said the commando in the radio
“This is CS-1, we heard you 5 by 5” Said Dr, Kelly from command center
Diving around 400 km, they found a cave that has a size about 24 meters wide and about 14.5 meters tall. They attempt to investigate the cave. They describe it in live transmission as a nest of some sort. Kelly ordered them to get deeper inside the cave. Until…
“Uh… command, we got a leak, we need pull-out” Said the technician in radio
“Remain calm, we will evac the sub right away” reply Kelly

The sub was attached with rope so it could be extract in case of emergency. The cable supposedly  can reach around 50km each winch cable. The sub was 
attached 50 winch cart around its back.
The point before extraction. One of the crew start screaming.

“AHH WHAT THE F*** IS THAT!” Said the crewmate screaming loudly in transmission

Before they could do anything. The Dragon show himself with its blade like tails pointing to the cockpit.


The dragon us its tails like blade that penetrated the cockpit windows. Unlucky crewmate got stabs in the chest during the process. He got stabs so hard it even pierce through the other side. Water leaking drastically once the tail pull out. Heavy pressurized water coming in with the mix of red blood.

“EXTRACT! EXTRACT! NOW!” Yelling through the radio
“WATER POURING IN WE NEED THAT E-, Oh god , please god no no!, NO!!, AHHHH!” Screaming from all the crew.

The radio later cut off, Kelly try to re-establish contact. The scream was the last transmission from the sub. The drone capable showing the dragon appearance before it eventually got cut off too. Later that day. All crewmate was declared dead in the deep water. The picture of this creature is very much blurred but still visible enough to create an image. This accident remain secrets until now