[DEFEATED] Declaration on Griefing

The Security Council,

Defining the term “griefing” as any unprovoked action done with the intent of causing damage to a region,

Expanding the definition to include acts of psychological warfare done over the course of an unprovoked occupation,

Recognizing that any act intended to desecrate cultural artifacts, or the intentional erasure of history, are acts of psychological warfare,

Designates attempting any the following acts as falling under the umbrella of “griefing” when done over the course of, or at the conclusion of, an unprovoked occupation against an innocent region:

Ejection or banning of native nations from their native regions

Forcible closure of inter-regional embassies

Suppression of Regional Message Board posts published by native nations of a region

Defacing of, or changing entirely, a region's World Factbook Entry

Defacing of, or changing entirely, a region’s flag or banner

Premature cessation of existing regional polls

Removal or addition of regional tags

Creating regional passwords to prevent the freedom of movement

Permanent destruction of a region

Refounding a new region with the same name as a formerly destroyed region

Understanding that the practice of griefing is a time-honored cultural tradition among raider nations and seen as something to be sought and celebrated,

Disturbed by the trend of raider nations normalizing the practice of griefing,

Horrified by the long term damage that griefing causes a region,

Noting the time, labor, and resources needed to repair damage created by non-permanent griefing after the restoration of native regimes, such as:

Contacting ejected native nations and informing them of their ability to move back to their home region

Recovering a region's original World Factbook Entry, flag, or banner

Meticulously rebuilding any forcibly closed embassies

Tedious un-suppression of Regional Message Board posts

Particularly disgusted by the permanency of the unprovoked destruction and refounding of regions,

Gravely denouncing griefing as acts of terrorism to be shunned by civilized nations and worthy of condemnation by the Security Council,

Hereby declares griefing as an unforgivable war crime by the Security Council that serves a serious threat to international stability.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [AT VOTE] Declaration on Griefing

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Declaration on Griefing” was defeated 7,910 votes to 1,606.