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Wendake Media
Political views: Neutral
Majority Shareholder: Not traded (An ABC Corporation)
Facts & History: Wendake Media is the Nordenpuntian branch of the Aponivian Broadcast Company. Being the best-funded at the provincial level, it releases documentaries and films on top of the traditional journalistic medium. It operates beyond the neutrality standards of the ABC and, banning its journalists from adding any opinion to their articles. This policy caused much outrage among journalists when it was implemented, calling it a “ban on free speech”.
HQ: Democracy Park

Political views: Left-Leaning
Majority Shareholder: L’Avenir Co. (53%)
Facts & History: Although it is beloved by many, L’Avenir has often fallen victim to money troubles. Its readers bought stocks to keep it afloat every time. Against all odds, it has survived, away from the influence of media conglomerates. It is one of the largest Lissian newspapers in Aponivia and has a stellar reputation with the ABC for factual accuracy and excellent journalism.
HQ: Dorion

The Beacon
Political views: Right-Leaning
Majority Shareholder: Shatterproof Holdings Ltd. (60%)
Facts & History: Founded by multi-millionaire George Strickland, The Beacon is the largest right-leaning and right-libertarian publication in Aponivia. It has been temporarily suspended from the ABC several times for ignoring journalistic standards and non-factual reporting.
HQ: Ville-Marie

Final Hours Before Polls Open — What Changes can we Expect in Parliament? 1/6/2020 @ 4 AM
By Layla-Mae Hinton

Over the next hours, we will be selecting the leader of our country will be for the next five years. Let’s see how much polls, promises and history can tell us about the possible standings in parliament.

If you’ve been following the Nordenpuntian politicians on the campaign trail, it should be no surprise that the Labour Party will be gaining multiple seats. A study by StatNord showed us that nearly 10% of citizens who voted Conservative in the last election cycle will be filling in the bubble of the former enemy. Why? Erick Blue’s promise to abolish the Senate has persuaded many to cast their ballots in his favour, topped with the highest approval rating for an elected official in our history. The Greens are also expecting an uptick in seats held, albeit to a lesser degree, from the growing environmental concerns worldwide. Villalobos will most likely retain her three seats for the Neoliberals, while the CF! Party might lose 1-2 of theirs since the independence of the Isles isn’t as favoured by the Crepuscularians following the negative outcome of the independence referendum. The Liberty Party will be negatively affected by controversial comments made by one of their delegates while campaigning, according to another StatNord study. The extent of their losses remains unknown. No change is expected to the amount of Independents in the Commons, with The Hon. Madam Lilianne Côté-Thompson, Speaker of the Commons of Nordenpunto expected to remain in her position.

Message from the WM Team:
We would like to remind you to go vote at your local polling station anywhere between 6 AM and 8 PM (NWC). This day is a national holiday for a reason, so go out there and cast your votes!

Layla-Mae Hinton is a senior writer and Wendake Media’s head political analyst.

Another Labour Party Victory!
By Wendake Media Team

The Labour Party will be leading the country for the next five years. Though Erick Blue was already Prime Minister, having previously formed a coalition, he will be sworn into office yet again but at the head of a majority government this time.

Labour: 55 seats
Conservative: 28 seats
Green: 11 seats
Neoliberal: 4 seats
Crepuscular First!: 3 seats
Independent: 1 seat + Speaker
Liberty: 1 seat

More in-depth articles will be released throughout the week.

The 17th Parliament has Come to a Close
By Maximillian Christensen — 30/6/2020 at 13:00

At noon today, Prime Minister Erick Blue and Green Party Leader Santosh Balakrishnan jointly announced the dissolution of the 17th parliament. The lower house will be reinstated at the same time tomorrow, lead by the Labour Party following their unequivocal victory in the polls. Mr. Blue has stated that he will “continue to work closely with the Greens over the next five years,” even if the 55 seat majority is more than sufficient to instore policy.

Regarding the progress made over the past five years, the Prime Minister said that “The legislation we have passed since 2015 has demonstrated our nation’s unwavering commitment to civil rights, liberties and the environment.” He added: “We are far from done, and we thank you all for entrusting my colleagues and me to run parliament for a second term. As I’ve stated on the campaign trail, the undemocratic Senate will be dissolved. I’m not saying this will be easy, but we will get it done.” Erick Blue has also suggested that a redesign of Nordenpunto’s flag might be in progress.

We at Wendake Media wish all delegates in parliament the best of luck and a good term in office.

Maximillian Christensen is an independent journalist and has published various novels.


Goggle’s New Eyjarian Data Centre is now Ready for Use
By Taylan Mcleod — 09/07/2020 at 10:32

As part of Goggle’s expansion plans, the company has been signing contracts with foreign nations in order to establish its presence. This particular data centre has been built in the northern part of Vest Øy island, in Eyjaria. Though other companies have been experimenting with other methods, such as water cooling servers, Goggle’s solution was to locate them in colder climates.
The recent expansionist moves have been very profitable for the company and its shareholders — I should know, being one of them — and CEO Marshall Finnegan has stated that “the company has no intention to stop soon.”

A section of Goggle’s new data centre.

Obviously, the leftists have opposed this move, fearing that their expansion will lead the relocation of the company. This gets a solid “who cares” from us at The Beacon because profits are profits. The communist administration shouldn’t need more money than they already steal from us. Isn’t that the whole point of their policy?

(OOC: not all the specifics in this post still count as canon)
(This article was translated from Lissian for our Staynish readers)

Lobarkoa Celebrates its 100th year in the Federation
By Guillaume Lafayette — 23/07/2020 at 6:21 AM

A century ago, a small nation on a faraway coast suggested a mutually beneficial alliance could benefit Nordenpunto. Today, that federation has grown to encompass much more land than it could have dreamt of.

The Province of Lobaroka, an Arkian-speaking region dedicated to the worship of the deity Akrona, was the nation that, intentionally or not, started it all. Mostly due to its size, the province is not a frequent topic of discussion. To honour its century in our midst, we thought it would be fitting to tell the history of how this place came to be.

Why is there a pocket of Akronists in Novaris?
Though it is true that the religious leader of the Akronists and the founding nation are in the Bay of Northwest Gondwana, another community exists on Novaris. That’d be the island of Rodoka, which was settled by religious missionaries from Acronis. The exact date is not known, but the said missionaries eventually travelled north and into the Lobakroan peninsula to convince the inhabitants to praise Akrona. The Ethalrians in the region had spent generations stuck in poverty, mostly due to the area’s constant state of war. Ownership of that land has been debated for centuries, outlasting several empires. The Lobakroans accepted the religion with open arms, desperately needing something to cling on to. Though the locals swear Akrona’s grace had blessed them, their renewed hope is probably what allowed the peninsula to thrive while war roared nearby.

Why is the peninsula not a part of the contested territory?
Their extreme devotion to their deity often made the people nearby weary. Some discriminated the Lobakroans, others were fascinated by their upright zeal and joie de vivre. Their distinct society declared itself a nation, without much protest from the empires surrounding them, who were too busy on the front lines to care about religious folk seceding. By sheer luck or the grace of Akrona, depending on who you ask, no one contested their sovereignty.

Why did Lobakroa want to join a federation?
The advantages for them to do so were numerous, but they had to pick a good middle ground to not anger the global powers that surrounded the Lobakroans. Such an opportunity presented itself as Nordenpunto, that has recently gained its independence from their colonial master. The young nation was fairly neutral between Arkalarius and Tretrid, who were now the opposing parties in the disputed territory. That position was advantageous to Lobakroa, who did not want to be dragged into wars. They approached Nordenpunto with a deal: Nordenpunto supports Lobakroa when they are in need, while Nordenpunto has full access to Lobakroan waters and land. This was the earliest form of the federation.

This only beings to scratch the surface of the history in Lobakroa. Resources have been linked below if you wish to learn more.
We wish a happy hundred years to our mutual partnership and raise a glass to one hundred more!

23/07/2020 at 9:20 (NCE)

Two terrorist attacks have just hit Eastern Caltharus in Great Morstaybishlia. Many deaths and injuries incurred.

The cities of Delgerdatter and Khauser have been hit with attacks from armed terrorist and tanks. The former was attacked by a group of around 40 terrorists, most of which were luckily killed. Nearly 60 people perished and 40 wounded. The latter was stormed by armed troops, where all terrorists were eliminated, but around 65 innocents were murdered and 30 were wounded in the crossfire.

Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected by these attacks.

Any articles above, except the introductory post and the one above, should no longer be considered canon unless otherwise specified. The one about Lobakroa needs to be tweaked to fit into the new canon but should be considered partially accurate.