Deledark 2: The Sequel Term

I will start by saying: I will only be running for one more term. That’s it.


I will admit. My first term as Delegate went less than smoothly. There were admittedly more fires than I hoped there would be, and then the ever creeping holidays just destroyed any and all hopes of having this thing called “free time”. But see, even through all of that, I had fun. I enjoyed being Delegate, and I got to see more regions and how they run, which means ideas!

So, what’s the plan for a second term?


Let's have fun

I’m not kidding. N-Day is coming up, we got Valentine’s Day coming up (shut up, TEP is my Valentine so no complaining!), and April Fools!

So, let’s have a term dedicated to doing more Regional affairs, shall we?

To begin

Chief Minister of Regional Affairs

This is a position I want to make a more important role. I need a CMoRA who is willing to keep a whip cracked over people’s heads to keep small projects moving and to help make progress on larger projects. It also needs to be someone who isn’t afraid to get a series of 5 pings from me, or to DM me at 2am and ask about a project I said I wanted to do.

This role is also going to help Ministers keep on task, and to make sure that we have people where we need them. Arguably, this is a role that is going to do a lot of administrating, and I am not opposed to having 2 CMoRAs to help balance the workload.

but what does this work load look like? Well, let me show you my plans for the Ministries.

Ministry of News

I’ll start with arguably the Elephant of the room. This is a ministry that I think has a lot of potential, and it is really hard to do since we don’t have a reliable way of producing news. The Minister who would be incharge of this Ministry is someone who I would love to see pull news from our RP communities to talk about what RPs are ongoing, and to give an insight to our Valsora and Urth communities. I should also stress here that I DO NOT expect a super long and big news every single month, but it would be very nice to have 2 articles every month from our RP commuinity highlighting something going on there.

For this Ministry, I also would like to actually get TEP Radio (name pending) off the ground. I said it last term, and uhhhh, yeah, caek hit the fan. But this term, I want this off the ground. Something super informal and a way to just talk and chill with members of the community or with allied/friendly leaders and representatives and talk with each other. Yes, we would need someone who knows how to work audio, but if they can teach us, we can get more people interested in doing it.

Ministry of Outreach


Joke aside, This Ministry is the second elephant in the room. This is a joke that is very very thankless most of the time. The people who work here do SO MUCH work retaining and helping to recruit people to the Executive and our RP communities. The Minister for this Ministry would be someone who is very personable, and is someone who can put some time into reviving our Concierge team which helps introduce people to the Main TEP server. This will help create a more welcoming community, and help show people around. Yes, this would also have cross reference with the NS site page, so the Minister would need to also know their way around the site.

Minister of World Assembly Affairs

This is yet another Ministry that has a lot of potential and we are just sorely lacking in. First of all, this Ministry is SUPER DUPER important for my WA vote. This Ministry runs our votes for both the General Assembly and the Security Council. I want people discussing the merits of resolutions. I know that this isn’t the most exciting since it’s a lot of dotting i’s and crossing t’s, but I promise you, there is enjoyment in it.

By extension, I have gotten TEP involved in a WA program called Halls of Valhalla where it helps people write Commend Resolutions and just generally workshop. This definitely will be a LARGE boost to our MoWAA in terms of engagement.

(more to come. Apparently my google docs didn’t save the work I did earlier today, so I gotta redo most of what I did)

I look forward to the rest of your campaign. I’d never known losing content in Google Docs was even possible.

What’s here however shows you have what I feel is the correct direction for the region, but I want to know more about the “who” and “how” of some aspects, and have a burning question inspired by other campaigns.

  • Your desired qualifications for the CMoRA(s) is optimal and logical. However, countably few people still interested in the Executive are still capable and willing to provide the whipping force desired, and each I’ve witnessed lately was highly susceptible to burnout. What is your plan on sourcing such talent, and can you describe your contingency plan for the very real possibility of lacking all you desire from the CMoRA?

  • You’re an active RPer. A rare boon, and one that must be used actively and carefully to achieve your goals of meshing the communities, as I can share as an outsider appears daunting. What is your strategy to actively compel RPers to EPNS? The Executive has tried passive invitations before, and I’ve tried my hand at writing some articles on RP news myself to inspire at the very least a corrective response, to no dice. But you’ve something not all of us that tried before had as an RPer. But again, how actively can you compel results, considering past shortcomings?

  • What is your strategy for integrating (or distancing…) FA from WAA? In my opinion, there is a scrumptious learning experience for our WA scene on interregional decisionmaking should cooperation and transparency between the ministries increase. FA’s decisions would seem less surprising to voters, as events only get clarified in post, as opposed to sharing events as soon as they’re at least stable enough to present to who’s voting on the Delegate recommendation. How will you empower the WAA Minister on running these discussions and controlling the external regional WA narrative?

Frankly I expected you to have less competition this election. The pressure’s good for ideas, however. Good luck and I look forward to your response! :smiley:

  1. If you edit offline, but don’t connect properly to as network (or change networks or your 5G becomes 5G while driving home) it won’t remember all of your progress which is STUPID. I edit offline for a reason!

  2. My list for a CMoRA is a list of want to haves. I at least want 1 of those qualities, and I can do my best to pick up the other parts that I want to see.

  3. I know people within the RP community who feel their RPs aren’t seen or read. I am also personal friends with some of them, so I can get them to write a small article about their RPs or even about their nations. Plus, we have active RPers who are very excited about their nations, so I wanna tap into that and have them talk about their nations or characters they made. Basically, I want to encourage people to RP, and to take pride in their work. I will need to rely on people in the RMB community to get articles because I am very not in the RMB community, and that is a problem of my own.

  4. First and foremost, coming into my first term, I didn’t have a hard set in stone policy about how my Delegate vote goes. IT came back to bite me. Hard. And Quickly at that. This term, in an effort to avoid this issue. I make the promise that my vote in the WA will only be held to whatever the results of the MoWAA vote on what is at vote will be. I have told other Delegates that I will at least campaign for one side if given reason, but mainly, I want to start taking this time to start cultivating our WA community within TEP.

I got a lot of fun things planned if I am elected for a second term, and I do have them written down. I just gotta get it posted so everyone can ask me about it

Do you have nominees for CMoRA and MOO (lol)?

ETA on the rest of your campaign?

Most integral: you are the Delegate with the lowest # of endorsements since 2018, coming off of a Delegacy that broke endorsement records (779+ endos i think) post-coup barring Marrabuk and the Drew-boom. It’s clear a couple of TEPers see this as an issue, one that has gone so far as to bring up structural reform of the Delegacy. And it’s evident that it is due to your lack of endotarting.

Given this, could you:
A) Explain why you failed to endotart consistently?
B) State if we can expect you to take actual, feasible measures to repair this problem - or do you think you simply will never be able to endotart properly at the present time?
C) State your own opinions on whether you think daily endotarting is a nessecity or something nice but not nessecary beyond the bare minimum?
D) Explain to voters why you should receive their vote, when at least one other candidate has more potential to endotart daily alongside doing regular Delegate duties?

What would you land on the spectrum from having two CMoRAs to two other ministers administering a Ministry of Regional Affairs? I have a third option in mind, but what do you think it is?


We are getting close to actual time to elect time, so I gotta day this now.

Im dropping out. I just can’t. I wish the remaining candidates good luck, and happy camapigning


Honour to your decision Shadow. Don’t push yourself to limits you can’t reach, and keep on enjoying the time you spend here :heart: