Delegate Albrook's Awards for February '22 - June '22

Nyahallo chama chama~

This is the farewell as your Delegate (stay tuned for more as not your Delegate!) I promised I wouldn’t give in my first awards issue. Now it is time, for we’re already among the last several hours I am your Delegate. Before we begin, a toast to our future leaders!

Each of these awards are as described and awarded in tune with The Pacificum Orientale Awards Act . If you are curious about the Awards of the Orient you nominated and voted on, that is a distinct event with its own rules as established by the Executive.

I already gave a great deal of these in my first term, so do excuse the smaller numbers on the mainline awards. I don’t want to consume all the awards such that our next leader doesn’t get to have any fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

The awardees are as follows:

The Order of Eloquence
…shall be given to those nations who have contributed to the East Pacific’s roleplay traditions and communities via writing, cartography, moderation of roleplay, or other such actions

Each of the following are recognized for their individual excellence to Valsora in the RMB RP scene. I wish to thank [mention]Romanoddle[/mention] for recommending the following:

For lovely in-depth lore about his countries long history in a number of quite beautiful factbooks and continually making more,

  • Estande

And in recognizing a relative newcomer to RMB RP, but in featuring someone whose posts suggest the experience of someone who has been around for al long time. is characters seem very real and the way they all connect to his country and it’s policy is very intriguing.

  • Greadis

Continue creating great works, legends!

The Order of Valor
…shall be given to those nations who have contributed to the development of The East Pacific’s military and engaged in various military operations

For single-handedly driving EPSA Command towards revitalizing and retheming the Army, including such measures as ensuring we have frequent and fun raids and opportunities to liberate with our friends.

  • Eunopiar ( [mention]Aggie[/mention] )

Another off-TEP-banner feature, recognizing a TBH Sergeant who welcomed the EPSA and TEP at large via frequently hanging out with the soldiers and even contributing to our retheme. This recipient is from my homeland in Iwaku and is truly emerging as a military leader with TEP in his heart:

  • Lucklife ( [mention]Lucklife[/mention] )

A warm thanks to the above for their great contribution to the EPSA and TEP’s military affairs!

The Order of Merit
…shall be given to those nations who have preformed various governmental works that have ultimately improved The East Pacific

The Culture Ministry has faced a great revitalization in interest, and has been the MVP of this term’s Executive. I hereby recognize the Minister

  • I’m Dead ( [mention]American-Cascadia[/mention] ) for advice on events planning, communicating and writing dispatches for events, and representing TEP as our cultural leader, while also balancing this with calls to attention as a Senior Diplomat

A warm thanks to the above for their great contribution to the various government institutions of TEP and making our region work behind the scenes!

The Rising Sun Award
…shall be given to those nations who, whilst being new to the East Pacific, has made marked contributions in a short amount of time

Continuing with my recognition of the Culture Ministry:

  • Dreadton ( @Dreadton ) for immediate interest in creating regular feature events for the region. TEP’s first Music Monday began this very Monday, and there promises to be more to come.

  • Zohaib ( @3394zuhaibulhaq ) for immediate interest in holding contests and recognizing the artistic works of TEPers

And also recognizing a newcomer experiencing a high-energy return to NS, who is already serving as a Deputy Provost and enjoys all opportunities to learn about our region’s past and place in the big picture:

  • Cyberstrom ( [mention]CyberiumShadow[/mention] )

I know each of these recipients will continue to do great things for TEP, as this is but the debut of their careers to come!

The Shining Light Award
…shall be given to those East Pacifican nations who have guided and mentored multiple East Pacificans, and helped them become active members of the region

A few legends have had my back since the beginning with advice at all turns, especially with regards to Executive presence in GP and regarding our regional structuring. But this isn’t an award just for standing behind the Delegate, no!

  • AMOM ( @A Mean Old Man ) has been advisor to many TEP leaders in his time and continues to contribute today in his duties as Vizier and FA Advisor. I credit him appropriately for several conversations and decisions made during my Delegacy, knowing he has advice from the great ages of this game as one of TEP’s leaders way before my time. I know I’m calling him old, but come on - it’s in his name! :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you again, my friend!

  • Aivintis ( [mention]Mangegneithe[/mention] ) for uplifting the University of the East Pacific’s next generation of leaders, for engaging with the FA Ministry on leadership and structural needs, and always contributing to conversations with a variety of perspectives - including those who are unable to easily voice their opinions in certain situations. I look forward to his ventures to come throughout TEP and in his overarching NS career.

I wish to thank the above for their service to the region as not only leaders and doers, but as advisors to those in their former positions.

The Order of Scholarship
…shall be given to those nations who have contributed to the development of The University of The East Pacific in writing, debate, and other tenure

As recommended by the UTEP Chancellor, I award the following two for their great contributions to UTEP during the past 8 months. I have had these two in my sights for this award since its inaugural release:

  • Patchourisu ( [mention]Patchourisu[/mention] )

  • Nuswaree ( [mention]Nociav[/mention] )

Please don’t forget to drop by the UTEP Subforum, where you can witness the above authors’ works. As the final action of the Ministry of Publishing, in coordination with UTEP, Nociav released a series on a History of The East Pacific. Patch is often inspiring conversations around and beyond the University in debates within the University chambers as well as planning and executing wider Agora Debates for others to participate in.

The Akai Haato (Chama Edition)
Delegate Aurora Yukihime “Himechama” of Albrook’s Special Award. For those who have played a part in making The East Pacific most excellent during the past four months, regardless of my involvement.
Haachama chama~!

I make it no secret that I love Akai Haato, “Haachama” - First Generation Hololive vtuber world renown for being chaotically beautiful, to summarize everything as short as possible. Seeing as she shaped the theme of my delegacy, with each of my custom fields honoring her in some way (my nation pretitle and flag, Discord profile picture, status, my current variation of my name, my mind… she’s always there. Help me…), it is only right that my award honor her, of course with my own and TEP’s own creative twist on the premise.

The award is named intentionally with dual meaning. As above, for the character reference. But the Japanese translation of “Akai” is Red, and “Haato” is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “Heart”. Thus, I grant this honor to those who have contributed to the “heartbeat” of TEP. Each of those who contributed, who were around, and who were otherwise constructive to making TEP a great place to be.

This is the original mockup of the design I schemed with the designer Zukchiva. For those who earned them, the previous Akai Haato badges and this one may be used interchangably, or presented together. The badge at large features design elements of Haachama’s favorite gothic lolita outfit, along with the Chibi Haachama that came into prevalence with the release of her Ievan Polkka cover - which is coincidentally the very video that drug me down into this deep, dark, and wonderful rabbit hole.

The Akai Haato is lovingly granted to the following, using MM/DD/YY:

  • All recipients of The Akai Haato, now deemed the Haato Edition, released on 2/15/22

  • All recipients of a mainline award in both February and June 2022

  • Every OOC Admin active on 6/15/22

  • All Executive staffers and advisors, including UTEP staff, active on 6/15/22

  • All Magisters active on 6/15/22

  • All Viziers and members of EPPS active on 6/15/22

  • EPSA Command active on 6/15/22

  • Forum RP Officers, Department Members, and Cartographers active on 6/15/22

  • RMB RP Moderators and Cartographers as recognized by Valsora active on 6/15/22

  • RMB Moderators Danelaw Scandinavia and Kavanos

  • The full staff (including non-citizens) of [Cool Name] Minecraft Server

  • Because I posted this late, and truly feel this is a Delegacy featuring the great contributions of all TEPers and our regional friends, I deem this award and The Akai Haato (Haato Edition) an open claim to Citizens and Friends of the East.

Consider this award series a souvenir of “yeah, I remember the Delechama”. There are simply too many of you to thank, and countless many of you who helped make this Delegacy possible in enjoying the events, chatting around on Discord or on the RMB, or just otherwise letting us see a nice number that keeps us around.

This concludes my awards. Thank you to everyone!

Thank you for your service to the region as Delegate. You have been invaluable, and I am sure you will continue to be invaluable in the coming days - to whomsoever wins the delegate elections. Congratulations to everyone who received awards today. You absolutely earned it for all your hard work.


Thank you for your services! I may be new, but your the one that led me to this region… I wouldn’t have met such amazing people if it weren’t for you!
Thank you,
-President Ethan W
   The Free Lands of the 9 tailed fox

Aurora, you were an icon for the east pacific and you are irreplaceable.
Thank you for your service to this great region.
I wish you the best in the future of your career and I hope to live up to the standard you set.