Delegate Election - June 2023: Nominations

During the current Viceroy vacancy, it falls on the Viceroy Designee to conduct Delegate elections. At the direction and on behalf of the office of the Viceroy Designee, I open nominations for the office of Delegate in the upcoming election. Nominations must be made in this thread only! Please be advised of the following election law:

  1. Any Registered Voter may nominate any Registered Voter.

  2. Should A Voter self-nominate, they require a second from another Voter. On receiving a second, the nominee may open up their campaign thread.

  3. Should one Voter nominate another, the nominee may accept, decline, or ignore their nomination. If they accept, the nominee may open up their campaign thread.


The nomination period runs from now until Friday, June 9, 2023 2:00 AM. Campaigning BEGINS during this period, any applicable nominee who has accepted and is listed here may campaign.

Friday, June 9, 2023 2:00 AMFriday, June 16, 2023 2:00 AM - voting! Voting will be public - you must vote in the appropriate thread in order for your vote to count. Voters will vote for a listed candidate or abstain.

More info on the voting thread will be posted when the thread is posted. Any questions may be asked in this thread, but please refrain from turning this thread into a discussion. Remember, it should be for nominations.

Eligibility to vote will be determined by the Voter Registration Commission’s public registration records. Denial of a voter application or removal from the roll of registered voters may be appealed to the Conclave within two weeks. Citizens removed from the roll of registered voters may reapply, following proper procedure.


Be advised, only nominees that fit in one of the above two categories will be included on the ballot. Campaign threads must be posted in this sub-forum. Campaign threads should include the nominee’s platform; that is, their plan to guide The East Pacific as its next delegate. Citizens may ask campaigners questions, comment, etc. Campaigners are allotted only one thread. Non-running citizens should not start threads here. Flaming will not be tolerated here.

Under no circumstances is campaigning permitted anywhere except the Delegate Election subforum and the #delegate-elections channel of The East Pacific Discord server. Electioneering (campaigning for votes in private chats, campaigning on the RMB, sending out telegrams, etc) is strictly prohibited.

The tradition of proper election behavior is strong enough to be considered as an effective binding norm and can possibly be used against you. You do not want the landmark TEP election case disqualifying a candidate or voter being called “TEP v. Your Name”.

One citizen, one vote. Administrators and the Conclave will be monitoring the votes and making sure we adhere to that rule. Anyone caught attempting to unlawfully gain votes will face serious legal and forum-based repercussions pending trial.

These elections will be overseen to check on any multi-votes or other election improprieties. Illegal activity is subject to indictment. Other members of the Conclave may be brought in to assist in administering these elections if necessary.

Best of luck to all candidates!



A mean old man

I nominate @Altys.

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I nominate Dremaur and Altys.


i second @Altys, and nominate @Zukchiva , @Mangegneithe, @SirShadow, @Cappedore, @Libertanny, @Emjay, and @Catiania

I’ll think on my nomination for a bit, thanks Cappedore <3


I accept my nomination.

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I second @Zukchiva , @Mangegneithe, @SirShadow, @Cappedore, @Libertanny, @Emjay, and @Catiania; I also nominate @A_mean_old_man.

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I am self nominating.

…and I second this.

I respectfully decline

I will be declining my nomination this time around. I am extremely grateful for the nomination but the stars haven’t aligned for my delegate run, yet.

I’ll be respectfully declining for now :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the nomination - I’ll consider it perhaps in 2024!