Delegate Election Report 7/24/17

Aelitia and Conclave,

I do apologize for being a bit late with this. Other admins are kind of busy and due to some RL stuff I had a bit of stuff to attend to, but it’s still a long process unfortunately. Nevertheless, I wanted to start filing reports on citizens and whether or not they’re copacetic with our laws and the likes. Extraneous checks were also performed, like posting habits, the likes. I think it would offer some kind of accountability and transparency to this process.

That being said, I’ve done the following checks to the voting base: checked for any IP matches in the voting thread, checked that their IP’s are typical to their posting IP’s, and checked if the person is still a citizen in the region. Only the no nation in TEP thing is actionable to my immediate knowledge.

Asendavia - validated
Jacknotch - validated
The Atlae Isles - validated
hobbes - validated
Tuva - validated
j moreaux - validated
Sammy23 - validated
Katie - validated
packilvania - validated
Pagistar - validated
rogueparagon - validated
Tretrid - validated
QuietDad - validated
Ben - validated
Respublika Bielarus - validated
Mex - validated
A Slanted Black Stripe - validated
The Kingdom of Dava - validated
Kangarawa - validated

Aelitia, other admins, Conclave members, etc. may comment if necessary. If there are any further checks requested, I would be willing to do such. Thank you for your time.