Delegate Simone Republic Elected in The North Pacific

Delegate Simone Republic Elected in The North Pacific
by Comfed

MAGICALITY CITY - Simone Republic has been elected Delegate of The North Pacific in a hotly contested election which ended on May 11. He faced two strong opponents, Francois Isidore and Dreadton. After a closely-fought campaign, Simone Republic and Francois Isidore received 42 (48.84%) and 29 (33.72%) first-choice votes respectively, and advanced to the second round, while Dreadton was eliminated with 15 (17.44%) first-place votes. When Dreadon’s voters’ second preferences were distributed, the final tally was 50 (58.14%) votes for Simone Republic and 36 (41.86%) for Francois Isidore.

In the concurrent races, Chipoli was elected as Vice Delegate with 75 (96.15%) votes to Queroquestan’s 3 (3.85%) - the latter did not campaign. Meanwhile, Marlducro successfully challenged incumbent Speaker Arawi, receiving 46 (61.33%) votes to Arawi’s 24 (32.00%). Terre des Riches also campaigned for Speaker and received 5 (6.67%) votes; although they were not able to match the totals of their two more experienced opponents, many observers noted their enthusiasm. Terre des Riches has since been appointed as a deputy speaker.

Delegate Simone Republic soon published his opening address, in which he stressed bringing a fresh perspective on the affairs of government. His current cabinet is as follows, although certain positions are as of yet unfilled:

Minister of Communications: Arawi
Minister of Culture: The Anddoran Commune
Minister of Defence: Picairn
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Comfed
Minister of Home Affairs: The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg
Lead Gameside Advocate: 9003
Radio Master: Palutenia
Master of The North Pacific University: Ethnon
Advisors to the Delegate: Dreadton, Pallaith, Prydania, and ROM

Election Commissioners The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg and Pallaith supervised the election. You can view this update as a dispatch here: NationStates | Dispatch | TNN | Delegate Simone Republic Elected in The North Pacific