Delegate's Government [Altys]

With a new term comes a new Cabinet, and because it’s always easier to have it publicly displayed somewhere at all times here it is:

Delegate @Altys
Vice Delegate @Aggie

Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs @Zukchiva

Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs @Cappedore

Chief Minister of Regional Affairs @Emjay
Minister of Outreach @Merlo
Minister of News @Vussul

Overseeing Officer of the East Pacific Sovereign Army @Dremaur

Cabinet Advisors @SirShadow @Mangegneithe @Sammy23

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On a related note, I’d also like to list the Foreign Affairs Councillors here as well. They’re not Cabinet members but I nonetheless find the information relevant. Here they are: @SirShadow @Mangegneithe @Libertanny @Aggie @Zukchiva @Cappedore @Dremaur @McStooley @American-Cascadia @Altys @KyonThomas @Merlo

(Also had to make it a separate post due to the forum’s anti-spam settings when it comes to pings)

New month, new minister!

I’ve decided to appoint @Merlo as Minister of Outreach. In the past few weeks they’ve shown a lot of interest and dedication in areas formerly covered by this ministry, be it helping updating the dispatch system or wanting to ease the feeling of disconnect between the Government and Valsora. Knowing this is going to last I’ve elected to give them the recognition they deserve for their work, thus appointing them as Minister.

This will not change how RA now functions. Projects are still the norm, but now any project related to outreach will have a clear person to refer to besides the Vice Delegate and myself.

Welcome to cabinet Merlo! :smile:

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New month, new minister, again!

I’ve decided to appoint @Vussul as Minister of News. Having de facto led the project working on EPNS’ June 2023 edition, written several articles for the newspaper, and now going to lead the project working on EPNS’ August 2023 edition, I believe this is only fitting. Vussul deserves the recognition the title of Minister brings, hence the appointment.

While not related to News directly, I’d also like to note Vussul’s precious help in other projects like the reworking of our dispatch network, and the upcoming expansion of REWARD! The Executive wouldn’t be the same without them :smile:

Welcome to cabinet Vussul!

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It appears I’ve forgotten to record it, but earlier this month (August 9th) @Merlo was appointed into the Foreign Affairs Council.

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