Delegate's Government [Merlovich]


Delegate: @Merlo
Vice Delegate / MoRA: @Dremaur

Minister of Foreign Affairs: @Altys

Minister of World Assembly Affairs @Gem

Minister of Culture @Cappedore
Minister of Outreach @Romanoddle
Minister of News @Halleyscomet08

EPSA Overseeing Officer: @SirShadow

Cabinet Advisors: @Mangegneithe @Aggie @Vussul @Sammy23

I will update this thread with any Cabinet updates; please note UTEP structure is still in discussion.


Hi all,

I have appointed @Mangegneithe as Chancellor of the University of The East Pacific. Their passion for its revival gives me great hope and I look immensely forward to working with them to revitalize the UTEP in the coming months.