Departure from TEP Evolved

Hello, everyone!

Without further ado, I am announcing that I will be ceasing all participation within TEP Evolved for an indefinite time. Considering the lack of any major impact I’ve had on the world thus far, this post isn’t so much for the general community but those with whom I have shared experiences with in my pursuit of roleplay here in the region.

I would like to thank each of the nations who have sought relations and additional discourse with me over the past few months, particularly Trukya and Free Syllvin. To the former, perhaps my best moment was being able to interact with your nation’s (former) leader through my own. I will be keeping a close eye on the events unfolding from the tumult of your ongoing civil war. To the latter, I must apologize for the abrupt end to our tour, but I believe you will find yourself a much more suitable tenant for that lovely building in due time. As for Masuicca, my original roleplay partner, it is a damn shame that we never got to enact that brilliant meeting of sovereigns we had been planning, and I do wish for your swift return to the site. Finally, to Morlockland, I would like to thank you for initiating my experience in TEP Evolved through the Morlockland National Fair, though it’s a shame it was left unresolved.

To those of you who may be curious, I will not cease development on Verdrassil, but I feel more comfortable doing it at my own pace and beyond the restrictions of Evolved as it stands. Should I ever return and a suitable enough plot exist on the regional map, I hope I will be much more prepared for investing myself within this creative world.