[DISCUSSION] Endorsement cap

I want to know how strongly we feel about it.

I personally feel meh:

  • I want to do a sort of “top 10 nations with most endorsments” “top 10 nations with endorsements given” etc to promote a WA culture but an endocap is against that ideal.
  • I recognise the need for security nonetheless, but an arbitrary 400 instead of a dynamic % [of the Delegate’s endorsements] seems a bit bad.

Is changing the 400 number to a % something you would agree?

I feel like we’ve had this discussion in the past.

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Also I start this convo now because I know we’re slow to decide on things. I don’t intend to do that top 10 stuff now when there’s so much already.

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A percent of what?

I’m assuming the amount of endorsements a delegate has?

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I’ve edited my OP to make it clearer, my bad.

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We have a similar system in TNP, and it’s worked out pretty well for us. Ours is 75% of the current Delegate’s endorsements (as of writing, Hulldom has 1,131 endorsements, so around 848 atm). A dynamic endo cap is pretty good imo, but let’s see what the others think.

My main concern is who will calculate this. I strongly believe our Praesidium will either just not do it or will forget to do it. If something is blowing up they’ll respond (concrisis) so its not like theyre inactive security wise. I just dont see them doing a small repeated task.

Additionally, i dont see much point in changing the cap rn cuz if we did change it it should be based off of the lowest endo Vizier, who is currently below our cap. I believe all our Viziers should be above the cap and I highly doubt they’ll endotart enough to stay above it if its dynamic and set above their current endos.

The calculation isn’t an issue if the formula is in the law, the vizier part is annoying though yes.

But if the Viziers aren’t above the endocap no matter what it is, this is a non-issue no? They won’t be above the dynamic one either afterall.

I guess, but what I mean to say is that currently we have two viziers below the endocap so as of rn if we did a dynamic cap we’d go lower than 400

but tbh that probably isnt a big deal since hopefully their endos go up

Yeah, I agree with you too. We need to increase the endos of our Viziers before we can even think of a dynamic endo cap.

That is in part the Vizier’s job to be fair. Though I’ve made some moves to try and get their endorsements a bit up too. Also I’m not sure we’d necessarily go down with a dynamic cap? Currently Shadow has 539 endorsements. 75% (if we take TNP’s %) of that is 404.25, rounded down to 404. That’s already above 400. Not by much but you get the point.

You make a good point. A dynamic endo cap could be worse than just a normal endo cap if our Delegate has low endos. We could think of rising the endo cap from 400 to 450, though before we can do that, the Viziers need to endotart so they can be above said cap.

Alright, using TNP’s endorse the world tool, I have compiled some data on how many nations each Vizier has not yet endorsed, and it doesn’t look too good.

Vizier Amount of nations NOT endorsed
A mean old man 387
Asendavia 699
Bachtendekuppen 860
Brotherland 540
East Malaysia 500
Marrabuk 452
Dragons Blood 95
Axdel 94
New Leganes 216
Todd McCloud 829
VW53Aland 291

Of the 11 Viziers, only two are below 100 endorsements not given. This is kinda concerning.

The reason we don’t have an NDF cap is because it’s a nightmare to enforce. This is less of a nightmare to enforce, but idk if it would be reasonable. It means we have to alter the WFE and do a quick check of the top endorsed nations that aren’t Viziers every time the delegate gains or loses an endorsement. And even if we reasonably adjust to every time the delegate gains like ten-twenty endorsements, or whichever number (I’m not going to do the math) actually increases or lowers the endocap by an integer. I don’t see that being possible, certainly not with the energy of the current Praesidium.

Raising the endorsement cap so that we can support a better endorsement culture is something I support in most scenarios, so definitely. While I am almost positive Axdel is not a Vizier anymore, we do start to see a problem, as Zuk pointed out and Cloud clarified, but… idk if I care all that much? I mean, yeah, it’s a problem that we have numerous Viziers below the endocap, but we do have a significant enough number above to be in good security, so I think we can yell at the folks under the cap and raise the cap simultaneously without risking the security of the region.

If we raise the cap then more Viziers will be under it. Which isnt nessecarily a problem it it isnt ideal.

Maybe have it updated once per month on a set date? Cap stays that way for the entire month.

That could be a good compromise. Maybe on the last day of each month, except during election months (so we don’t drastically lower the endocap 3 times a year). Then endocap audits would probs take place on the 15th of each month or smth, to grant some grace period, maybe.

maybe we word it so its the interim delegate in that case then?

Also, this could very well tie into the monthly updates that has been discussed, that way the news of the region and the new cap is contained in one post out to the citizenry.

Ah, as in the endocap is based off of the World Assembly Delegate rather than the Delegate?

Yes, i feel like trying to follow the incoming delegate before they take the seat would just be needlessly tedious, and would throw a lot of nations into breaking the cap while the incoming is endotarting.

i still dont trust us to remember to calculate such a cap, tbh.