[DISCUSSION] Transparency Act Failure

Okay. More people indicated the desire for a Transparency Act than who voted for the Transparency Act. I assume they have an issue with the execution of the concept, rather than the concept itself. So, discussion time:

(1) What would you want to see in a Transparency Act?
(2) What would you not want to see in a Transparency Act?
(3) Why did you vote the way you did?
(4) Where are you willing to compromise, if necessary?

I disliked the act in its entirety, primarily in the sense that it added busy work to the branches’ plates. I don’t envision the reports being read by many people outside the cabinet anyway, if we’re talking about the Exe, and if a delegate isn’t performing we can honestly just see for ourselves rather than making them write that down. Plus, the nature of:

…1.5. “Private Affairs” are defined as Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army operations, treaty negotiations, interregional diplomatic discussions, Cabinet discussions, or any other proceedings of the Executive excluded from regular Transparency Reports.

…as well as …2.2.+2.3.+2.4. allows them to exclude almost anything from the report, which really doesn’t make it all that useful for “transparency” - not that I’d actually want them to have to disclose these things, as it could be an enormous liability and a hit to our PR. Seems like 2.4. opens us up to that liability, but also still somehow leaves it up to the discretion of the Executive - very confusing. Same goes for the stipulations of Section 3. I don’t like that any two rando citizens can demand these things, either. There’s also no repercussions specified if any of the branches refuse to comply with the mandates.

Also, …2.6. just feels out of place in the act and could be specified (is it not already specified?) in the Exe Act.

There may be a way to do this that involves communication between the Viziers and the Executive / other branches - the former being a group that ought to understand whether something was appropriate politically or a danger to the region, and whether discretion ought to be used for the sake of regional security and stability. But it isn’t something I currently feel a need for.

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