[DRAFT] Extensive Holiday Leave Inititiative

The World Assembly,

Appalled by WA member nations for withholding regulations for commercial and/or industrial companies, on their position regarding worker benefits during holidays of cultural or religious importance.

Taking into account that some cultures or religions may have multiple events in which the believer or citizen participates in a certain action.

Deeply conscious of the potential economic damage a nation may exhibit after an extensive holiday period of employee/worker absence.

Defines a ‘holiday’ a day or period of significant cultural or religious importance.

Calls upon World Assembly member nations to provide legislation in their national assemblies. Enacting examples of, but not limited to:
a. A mandatory leave for workers before, or during the event/holiday takes place.
b. Providing the substantial financial wages a worker may receive on a regular workday.

Furthermore, a WA compliance commission should be established to criticize and judge regulations enacted by national assemblies on acts that may hold interest of holiday worker benefits.

Seeking a universal standard be set to provide workers the needed benefits during a holiday.

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