[DRAFT] Outlaw Delegates From Carrying Weapons

NOTING that on 10:03 AM Central Standard Time, Zukchiva declared that he “likes his weapons”;

FURTHER NOTING that Zukchiva stated this to refute a direct request by a Citizen of The East Pacific, making said Citizen very uncomfortable;

SHOCKED that Zukchiva’s willingness and desire to carry weapons with him can mean dire and extreme consequences for the East Pacific, such as

  • Voter intimidation, by Zukchiva threatening voters with his weapons to vote for him

  • Intimidation of authorities separate from the Executive Branch, such as influencing the decisions of the Conclave, creating situations where Zukchiva has effective control of the regional courts

  • Creating an environment of fear whenever he appears, which is not in the interests of this democracy and will harm this democracy

  • Making our allies fear us and decide to cut off relations with us in fear of being shot by this mad goose


  1. Bans all Delegates from carrying any and all weapons.

  2. Defining physical weapons as all types of knives, all types of guns, all types of explosives, and any other objects created for the explicit purpose of harming or hurting others

  3. Defining biological weapons as any type of serum, virus, bacteria, or other chemical compound capable of infecting any species with a lethal disease

  4. Defining psychological weapons as any type of device or procedure intended to mentally break down or demoralize the victim

  5. Defining weapons of mass destruction as any type of bomb that goes boom and destroys cities

  6. Sends any Delegate to paperwork and cleaning duties for 168 hours every time a Delegate violates this law

  7. Authorizes the use of surveillance by the EPPS on any Delegate to ensure compliance with this law

  8. Authorizes the use of surveillance on EPPS by the Conclave to ensure no corruption is taking place in the EPPS

  9. Punishes negligence on reporting weapons violations by death via drowning in Silly String


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Blah blah blah, legalese legalese legalese

OBSERVING that this is crazy

THEREFORE deems this illegal

THEREFORE condemns Algerstonia

As a wannabe Arbiter, I call this null and void and zero and minus one.

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As a wannabe Arbiter, I call this null and void and zero and minus one.

— End quote

as tribune of the plebs, i ignore your veto and call upon the tribal assembly to vote