Dremaur Claim


Nation Name (long): The Monarchy of Dremaur
Nation Name (short): Dremaur

Motto: “Respice, Adspice, Prospice”
National Animal: Raven
National Flower/Plant: Lilac
National Anthem: TBD

Capitol: Asetrupa
Largest City: Asetrupa, 5 million

Demonym: Dremic
Language: Codexian (American English), Dremic
Species: Dwarf
Population: 36 million

Government type: Republic? Monarchy? Communist?
Leader(s): King Atticus Belmont II
Legislature: Royal House of Law (RHL)
Formation: 1642

Total GDP: 1.44 Trillion
GDP per capita: 40,000
Currency: Demuric Mark

Calling Code: 427
ISO 3166 code: DR DRM
Internet TLD: .dr
Historical Summary: Formed in 1542, following a massive storm a merchant boat was crashed upon the land Dremaur now stands on. Overtime, the nation developed, as the merchants decided to start a new life due to the natural resources of the sea provided. In the 1710 Dremaur made contact with Alksearia, which resulted in a long friendship lasting until today, and providing protection to Dremaur, as well as trade of raw materials to Alksearia. In the present day, Dremaur looks to expand its resources, and make new friends.

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