Duelland - Blueacia Gathering

In a new chapter for Blueacia to get some more relations, Duelland was invited to get closer.

A lot off people and press gathered around the airport as it wouldn’t be long for the president of Duelland to land on Blueacia to start the three days of talks for the countries to come closer. Prime-Minister Pearson Lagonus arrived in the topless Princely limo. Where he and the President Franklin would first make a tour through the city. After a few minutes waiting the plane carrying the President came into sight of the people waiting escorted by 2 military planes from the UK who are stationed on Blueacia. When the plane landed the fighter jets did a fly-by, as the plane made it’s way to the stairs where the President Franklin would get out of the plane the fighters landed. As the door opens a brass band from Blueacia starts playing the national anthem of Duelland, Pearson waiting at the bottom of the stairs at the president. When the President Franklin was at the bottom of the stairs he was greeted by Pearson and his wife. After some small talk and a bit of waiving to the gathered crowd the posse made it’s way to the limo for the tour around the capital Labia Cue. “Prime Minister you have such a lovely country” he says as he waves at the crowd “beautiful people too” he continues to wave.  “Thank you Sir” Pearson said as the convoy made their way to the hotel where President Franklin would stay.