E-Army Policy statement - The Post-Defender Age

From a Equilism Embassy Update on Oct 19 2008.,

E-Army Policy statement - The Post-Defender Age

Citizens, Soldiers, and Officers of Equilism, and NationStates residents, I come before you today in this Post-Defender Age.

Equilism and the E-Army were founded upon the original ideals of defenders in NationStates to fight against griefing and defend the innocent against the uninvited and unprovoked invasion of regions throughout NS. We collaborated in the grand effort for Defender Unity, joined in alliance with the Alliance Defense Network (ADN), the Allied Liberation League (A.L.L.), Juxtaposition X, The North Pacific, Nasicournia, closely cooperating with The Proletariat Coalition, EAA, Pacific Defenders, GLA, Force 10, and many others. We stood upon the ideals of freedom and self-determination - the sovereign rights of nations and regions. We were once one of the top three armies in all of NationStates. We waved the banner of “Defenders Rock!” high. Our intelligence capabilities were feared by our invader enemies.

That was many years ago now.

The Age of Defenders was fading before the implementation of Influence in NS, and that implementation put a final end to that age. The ADN-NPO/PRP conflict faded, the invader-defender dynamic collapsed. Our allied organizations went inactive and died, as did many of our allied regions and friends. Most of the very best that the defender world had to offer to NationStates left the game in disgust and despair. There was nothing more of interest left to them.

Invaders and Raiders adjusted to Influence and continued their efforts, though they also were greatly affected by the decline that resulted from the implementation. Small numbers of defenders carried on the effort to oppose them, but the original ideals were no longer there. Influence removed the curse of griefing. Raiders targeted small inactive and founderless regions that show no active self-determination to be defended.

The Dark Ages were underway. In the midst of those dark days, the government of Equilism failed, as we faded into inactivity as our allies had. We had to change, or fade into the silent night of NationStates history. Thus began the Great Schism of the region, after I dissolved the Constitution and government. While there may still be a few that hold my actions against me, I still stand by my actions to save the region from its death. It is my firm belief, that we would not be here today, still and active member of the interregional community, had I not taken swift and decisive action together with those that helped worked for our future. The end result was the Realm, which has been successful for nearly two years now. We have taken time periodically to realize that we live in a different age than the one we were formed in, and taken those opportunities to adjust and recalibrate our policies. However, in some ways, it is my belief that we have failed to make a few key policy positions clear, to help guide us, in this Post-Defender Age.

As I mentioned in my previous address on the State of NationStates, the interregional world has been caught up in mighty changes and realignments. And in the midst of these worldwide events, we have seen the inheritors of the ‘defender’ label behave in uncivilized and vile manner. They do not deserve to be called ‘defender’. Their actions and behavior are an abhorrence to the proud and honorable defender ideals. They do not follow any code or ideals. Opposing an invading/raiding force is simply a counter-invasion. That’s all they are. Counter-invaders, not defenders. They sit on their ego-driven high-horses and act as if everyone should consider their efforts to be honorable, no matter what their actions and behaviors.

It is in consideration of such things, that Equilism closed all relations with the Founderless Regions Alliance. The FRA was founded upon honorable intentions and ideals, but has long strayed from those once honorable days. They have sought to infiltrate Equilism with hopes to incite rebellion against the government. They rejoiced in the effort of one of their members to found over 33 regions in NationStates2 without permission of those regions - in complete contradiction to the ideals of freedom and self-determination. They came to our forum to insult us and make demands of us while claiming to want our military assistance and cooperation. They continued their insults during private discussions, seeking to throw derision and accusations rather than to discuss resolution. No, they do not deserve the title ‘defenders’. They are an insult to the name.

There are many raiders that are more honorable than the FRA.

But this is only a symptom of this Post-Defender Age. In NationStates, the primary military tactic that can be carried out is to invade a region. Invade and counter-invade, that is the military action.

It had long been E-Army policy, that we only use the counter-invade/defender side of the tactic. Long ago, there was an ongoing debate among Defenders, as to whether or not using invading to attack our opponents was a valid tactic. In those pre-Influence days, and with significant opposition, Equilism decided that we would err on the side against direct attacks.

At the start of this year, with NS wide activity at a critical decline, we took upon ourselves the effort to begin a fight against inactivity. And as we won the war against griefing, we won the immediate war against inactivity and decline. NS survived a summer slump without the lingering effects this time, helped by the anticipation over NS2.

As a part of our efforts at the beginning of the year, the E-Army reconsidered our old policies. We added new training to make sure that our soldiers understand both parts of the invasion/counter-invasion equation. We have sought to make sure we are prepared to address military needs that may arise.

However, the idea of Defenderism has continued in our collective psyche. We still have the concept of our ideals, but tempered with the understanding of the realities of game mechanics and the Age in which we live. We worked on the SIREN program with friends from The New Revolution, Antarctica, Zurich…and it was a success as far as it went. It provided an independent, non-binding means of cooperation to carryout defensive missions. But I am afraid that we have confused defensive missions with the idea of being defenders.

Therefore I wish to state clearly: It is the policy of the E-Army that we are an Independent Army, not a Defender Army, as ‘Defending’ as it was once known is long gone and no longer relevant.

As such, we reserve all rights to perform any and all forms of military engagement - invasion and counter-invasion, and all other game legal efforts and tactics.

The E-Army will continue to carry out missions as it always has. We will ‘defend’ regions that are worth defending, or where we find that the effort is prudent. We will be prepared to use invasion to further our policies as we see fit. We will work together with other regional militaries as appropriate to the situation. We will seek to make more use of our non-updaters in missions to carry out our policies. We will continue to be a military force in NationStates, and invite all citizens to join us.

The journey through the Ages has carried us this far, and will continue to carry us into the future that awaits. We will not limit our options; we will not be restrained by the past. We will continue to develop as the NS world develops, and adapt to the Age in which we live. Today, we recognize the Post-Defender Age in Equilism.

Thank you for your attention.

Commander in Chief, and Monarch of Equilism.